Meet Matthias Siems: the founder of the nine-figure investment group, Taru Group

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Matthias Siems is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Taru Group - a nine-figure investment group that deals primarily in crypto and healthcare technology and innovation. Since he was a child, he has been dedicated to using technology and resources to make the world a better place. Although he has seen success at every turn in his professional career, he admits that the journey has not always been easy. 

Early Ventures

As a teenager, he was always motivated to do well and create financial stability for his family. He quickly learned how to make (and how to lose) money. Before attending college, he had already launched several business ventures and had gained an understanding of how business worked. This proved to be valuable to him. While many people go to college unsure of what they want to do, Siems already had a clear vision of what he wanted and a basic understanding of how to do it. “I had the opportunity to make money and also to lose it all. It taught me to be courageous even when faced with mistakes.”

Global Business

If his childhood business ventures taught him anything, it was to be bold in business. After graduating, he immediately looked to start chasing his dreams. Within a decade, he had launched a small investment company, built and sold a 7-figure medical cannabis company, and found himself posed to start investing at a global level. The rest is history. Since launching his investment firm, he has established offices worldwide, amassed an nine-figure investment portfolio and enabled doctors and entrepreneurs to develop innovative technology that will improve healthcare worldwide.

In addition to building an incredible network of doctors, educators and entrepreneurs and helping to fund some of today’s most innovative advancements in cardiovascular health, Siems has also learned valuable lessons about business and life. Here are three. 


Business is all about relationships. Typically, if you can trust someone, you can do good business together. Part of Siems business success is his ability to read through people and know who to trust. This is particularly important when you are operating in an industry where you need to weed out a good deal from a deal that only looks good on the surface.  Someone close to Siems puts it this way, “Matthias Siems doesn’t need ninety seconds to know what you don’t know.” There are two lessons that he learned when it comes to trust. The first is the necessity of trust. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of guarding their business and ideas and not sharing them with anyone. While there is certainly a place to guard trade secrets, this ideology often leads to inefficiency. No matter how good your idea is, you eventually have to trust others to help you push your idea forward. If you don’t, you risk burnout, losing business opportunities, or failing to launch your business idea successfully.

Learning From Mistakes

Despite having a strong track record for success, Siems admits that he has made mistakes. “I try to avoid it, but I still make errors. The question is, `what do you do when you make five, six, or seven missed investments in a row?’ The ability to learn from their mistakes sets successful entrepreneurs apart from others. Siems believes that by taking a step back and studying your errors, you can learn from your mistakes and continue to provide value for yourself and the people who work with you. Early in his career, Siems had a desire to be a billionaire and it led him to make a poor decision. “I gambled away the biggest deal in my history and lost an entire fortune because I had the daydream of becoming a billionaire.” Rather than focusing on his loss, he viewed the loss as a valuable lesson. “It brought me back to the ground; it taught me patience.”


Siems is faced daily with the decision to partner and invest with companies everyday. Dealing with the pressure of investors and doling out millions of dollars everyday can certainly be stressful. Whether you are making multi-million dollar investments or trying to turn your side hustle into a full-time job, there is one characteristic that you need. Patience. For Siems, this separates those with extraordinary success from those who never see their vision accomplished. In his mind, too many people rush their decisions trying to find success quickly. “You must have patience to make the right decision.” For Siems, his lack of patience led to a bad decision that cost him a fortune (literally). He was fortunate to recover from his loss, but he realizes that many people will never make that recovery. “You can’t really plan for success, but you can significantly increase the probability of success by choosing the right course for you.”


Matthias Siems is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of the Taru Group. Through his investment company, Siems is dedicated to helping fund innovative technology in the medical industry - specifically dealing with solutions to cardiovascular disease. His company has offices around the world and has built networks with universities, doctors and business leaders in an effort to stay current with the latest technological advances in medicine. Siems goal is to help improve the lives of individuals around the world through his consistent investments in the medical and healthcare sectors. 

This article was written i cooperation with Matthias Siems