Miami in Tel Aviv: Israel's real estate prodigy

Real Estate Discovery Guy Yakoby (photo credit: Real Estate Discovery Guy Yakoby)
Real Estate Discovery Guy Yakoby
(photo credit: Real Estate Discovery Guy Yakoby)

You might have heard about Guy Yakoby. His name may ring a bell, since in 2009 his first song, "This is the Light" ("Zeh a-Or”), became a big hit.

While at the peak of his singing career, Guy decided to quit music in favor of running the family business in Israel and establishing a real estate company that operates both in Israel and the United States. Where does Guy stand today and what are his future plans?

Guy Yakoby is only 32 years old but has nevertheless reached some important milestones. At the age of 18, despite his youth, Yakoby made it to the Israeli charts with his hit song "This is the Light" (produced and composed by Adi Leon and Tamir Tzur) and enjoyed a successful music career for a number of years. When he turned 25, after his first album came out (which had been produced by Yakov Lmay, Tamir Tzur, Nadav Biton and Asaf Tzruya  - people who by some measures might be considered as some of the most influential producers in Israel today), he decided to change direction and joined the family construction and real estate business.

"When I was a soldier, my song  was first played on the radio, though I had no experience on stage or music management, and it just took off", Yakoby recalls. "I was a novice and I felt myself being sucked into fame and nightlife. By the age of 24 ,the album came out. Yet a year after that, at 25, I felt like I had enough of this lifestyle. That is why I left the music industry. I wanted to enjoy a normal lifestyle; wake up early in the morning and go to work, regular work. That is why I quit my singing career and went to work in the family business. Five years ago, I came to the conclusion that I have to spread my wings, in order to develop my personal and professional career. That is why, on top of managing the family business, I founded a separate business, which relies, among other things, on the reputation my family has in real estate. I operate, to date, in Israel and the United States (Miami)."

 Yakoby Group -  Luxury property real estate and management in Israel and abroad (credit: Yakoby Group) Yakoby Group - Luxury property real estate and management in Israel and abroad (credit: Yakoby Group)

These days, Yakoby runs the “Israhome-Real Estate Management and Luxury Property Ltd., Yakoby Group" together with his older brothers, Ariel and Tamir. The Yakoby Group is an asset managing agency that specializes in managing and marketing luxury properties to the financial elites, in the most desired locations both in Israel and the United States (Miami Beach). The business was founded some 40 years ago by Guy's parents, Sarit and Yakov, and today is in the capable hands of their son, Guy.  

One may note that even though Guy enjoyed the family’s reputation when starting out, success has not come easily. "I took the reins, all the managing aspects of the group and the company", Guy points out. "After I left the music business for real estate, it took me some time to find my way and build myself up in the real estate market".

 How did it come to be that you're managing luxury towers in Miami? 

"I would like to mention that I absorbed real estate through pretty much all my life, just from living at home. I threw myself into the mix and learned a lot from my efforts in Israel before expanding to Miami. It took some time to get the hang of things and to establish my business. It is important to understand that success might not come overnight but it will come if you focus on building it right and take your time doing so. Like you don't build a tower by starting with the penthouse but lay the foundations first, so did I - I paid my dues until I reached where I am today."

Today, even at a relatively young age, Guy Yakoby is the exclusive manager and marketer of a number of luxury apartment buildings in Miami Beach, which include among others the Residence at Armani Casa - Miami Beach and the Porsche Tower Miami Beach. In the future, he will also start marketing the luxurious Bentley Tower in Israel.

In Israel, Guy manages mainly foreign residents' assets. He specializes in managing and selling properties in the northern suburbs of Tel Aviv, such as Ramat Aviv Gimel, The “New L" (“Lamed Ha'hadasha”), The Northern Star (“Kohav Hatzafon”), Sea & Sun, Park Tzamert, The Frishman Tower, Akirov Towers, Arolozorov 17, the Manhattan Tower, and YOO Tower. Yakoby also operates as a real estate agent for some of the most prestigious and luxurious places in Israel such as Herzliya Pituah, Arsuf, Savyon, Tzahala, and Ramat HaSharon .

Nevertheless, one should not be misled by the fact that he manages highly prestigious properties and works with extremely rich people. When talking with Yakoby, one feels that he is a modest person, who treats everyone as his equal. 

How can you keep your down-to-earth attitude, even in the face of your success in the real estate industry?

"I'm no different from anybody else. I’m an ordinary guy and it’s important to remain humble", says Guy. "It doesn't matter where I came from and how I was raised. People need to stay with their feet on the ground because there are no guarantees in life; we are all human after all - as we rise, so we can fall. I keep that in mind and do not let success go to my head. I'm a simple man, and I was raised as such by my parents".

 To sum up,  what are your future plans? Are you planning to move back into the music industry?

"I plan to keep on progressing and advancing in the real estate market, lead a simple life, and God willing, to have a family of my own. I wish to make my living in the real estate business, which is an industry I enjoy and in which I feel fulfilled. As a hobby, I would like to continue with music all my life - a hobby for the soul, and for fun. I will be releasing a new song shortly, after many years since my last one, which is written and composed by Dudu Aharon. I'm going to call it "Between Me and You".

Guy, we would like nothing more than to wish you every success in your career, that you keep reaching your goals while remaining a down-to-earth and humble person, and we would love to hear your new song too. Good luck!


This article was written in cooperation with the Israhome  Properties Ltd /  Yakoby Group