Model and Actress Kristen Rose shares her Health Journey

 (photo credit: KRISTEN ROSE)
(photo credit: KRISTEN ROSE)

Time and again, celebrities have shown us how to embark on a better lifestyle. This time it is Kristen Rose, who is helping her followers to give up on meat. Kristen has been active on social media platforms and does not hold back from sharing real-life experiences with her fans. 

Kristen was a hard-core non-vegetarian, but recently she started noticing that meat was not working for her body. Every time she ate something with meat in it, her body would react. There were even times when she fell sick. Kristen had been allergic to dairy since childhood, so she stayed away from cheese and milk. For her, it was time to give up on meat too.

There are some foods that just don’t agree with your body. People hold on to these foods because they don’t know what to replace them with. It was the same with Kristen, she knew certain were working against her body, but she kept eating them. It wasn’t until she realized how much damage she was doing to her body that she knew she needed to stop. 

She looked skinny and hot, but inside her body was craving healthy food. The fear of gaining weight kept her away from a normal diet. People are always motivated by looks, but health actually matters too. Kristen would lose motivation after a couple of months of working out. She knew something was wrong when she realized that she was doing everything to look good. Kristen decided that health was more important than just looks and this put her on the right path. 

The decision was difficult, but she had to do it to create a healthier lifestyle. The option that made the most sense for her was to become a pescatarian. This is not an easy transformation for a meat eater. Most people in this country love meat and giving it up is a big change. 

As her journey began, it was a learning curve. Her food sources were limited to fish and plant-based foods.  She had to be very careful with her nutritional needs too. Like many others, even Kristen found it difficult to stay on track. Fortunately, Kristen changed her outlook and started listening to her body. Her body started transforming and soon she could manage both her health as well as weight.

As her eating habits improved, fitness became a bigger part of her regimen. She would do Soul Cycle 2-3 times a week and would be in the gym in between those times working on muscle toning and lifting weights. She also started Pilates and yoga. 

Kristen acknowledges that adopting a new lifestyle is always difficult first, but with consistent efforts, it is worth it. It took her a few years of trial and error to find that right routine that she could accomplish with rock-solid consistency. 

Fitness does take some work upfront to change your habits. Sticking to a consistent fitness routine in the beginning is the most challenging part. Especially when it comes to changing your eating habits and staying away from junk food. Kristen found that now that she has a routine that works for her staying healthy has become almost effortless.