Model and entrepreneur extraordinaire Brie Nightwood

  (photo credit: Brie Nightwood)
(photo credit: Brie Nightwood)

“…It’s important to not push yourself into a box and to not let one aspect of your life define you. People are too complex to be defined by a standalone label,” said the American entrepreneur Brie Nightwood. A model and content creator, Brie’s entrepreneurial bent began at age five when she started an eBay account with her father’s oversight. Her natural drive, beauty, ingenuity, and intelligence have enabled her to build unique and profitable businesses within her industry and expand their reach.

The ultimate creator, Brie took computer classes at age 12, which allowed her to create apps for Mac users using Applescript and sell them as home security bundles for $50 each. In another vein, she began crafting and selling jewelry at 16, using YouTube to promote the pieces and direct people to the sites where they could purchase them. She estimated that, altogether, she made about $10,000. In college, she made extra cash by streaming videos of herself playing video games while pursuing an intensive degree in neuropsychology.

To graduate early, Brie took extra credits, but her scholarship didn’t cover the extras, nor did her streaming income, so she decided to become a model. By the time she graduated, Brie was making so much money that she passed on the doctoral program she’d intended to join and began building up her social media profiles. Instead, Brie learned how to network and market herself to continue growing her business.

The gamble paid off, and eventually, the brilliant beauty launched Nightwood Media. The company is a component of the modeling industry that pairs models with off-camera assistants. The service most prominently helps models determine exactly what their clients want, so they can meet those needs. Her degree in neuropsychology facilitated this aspect of the business, allowing her insight into the psyche and a chance to enter a high-demand niche market. Brie has plans to expand the company by adding an NFT component.

In addition to operating Nightwood Media, the entrepreneur recently became the co-founder of UnlockedXX, an subscription model-based platform founded with partners in Australia. Her dreams don’t stop there. Brie obtained her real estate license in 2021 and plans to open her own agency. As a broker, she intends to cater specifically to models, since she’s intimately familiar with the discrimination they face when buying their own homes. 

Despite the challenges she faced in her personal life, Brie has never given up. Out of the many beautiful women struggling to make a name for themselves, she succeeded because of her drive and intellect. She learned the skills she needed to thrive, and her success has benefited others and will continue to do so. For those who want to learn more about the successful, driven beauty, it’s easy to do so across her massive social media presence. 

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