Most gambling destinations in America

  (photo credit: UNSPLASH)
(photo credit: UNSPLASH)

The United States of America is home to some of the world's most crowd-pleasing and desired gambling destinations. Over four hundred and fifty casinos are scattered from coast to coast, with half of the leading casinos worldwide seated in the jurisdiction.

It's no wonder individuals from all quarters of the globe habitually visit these America's playgrounds day in and day out, with the intent of making big wins, having a whale of a time, or just idling away the hours.

This has resulted in gambling being a popular pastime in the United States. People either choose to play casino games like blackjack online or at the land-based gambling establishments in the country.

Brick-and-Mortar casinos are unfairly distributed across the American state. Of all the fifty states in America, only about twenty-three states house casinos. This is due to the legal prohibition of gambling in some states, including Utah, Virginia, Alaska, Vermont, Tennessee, and Hawaii. 

Interestingly, in America, more casinos are found in Nevada and Oklahoma than in all the other states put together.

States With Most Casinos in the United States

Below are the ten states with the most casinos in America, according to;

  1. Nevada – 334
  2. Oklahoma – 134
  3. California – 62
  4. Colorado – 40
  5. South Dakota – 39
  6. Florida – 35
  7. Mississippi – 35
  8. Arizona – 34
  9. Washington – 32
  10. Michigan – 30

There is a continuous growth in the number of states legalizing both land-based and online casino gambling. So one expects the number of casinos in individual states to increase with time. However, here are the top most visited gambling destinations in America.


Nevada is home to most of the casinos in America, and this alone has made Nevada undoubtedly one of the most interesting and fun-filled places to be as a gambler. It's no wonder Nevada is referred to as the gambling and entertainment capital of the United States of America. The worldly famous Las Vegas, or sin city as some people know it, is located in Nevada, along with three other casino areas like Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Laughlin.

These areas are filled with over three hundred casinos frequently visited by various tourists and residents who are either attempting gambling for new experiences or looking to hit the jackpot. Generally, the casinos feature thousands of slot machines and table games, including blackjack, craps, roulette, Spanish 21, baccarat, etc. The excellent gambling service and entertainment that can be gotten in this state make it rank high on the list of favorite gambling destinations.


Ever since the approval of gambling in Oklahoma in 2004, the Sooner State has been the base of some of the best casinos in America. It features casinos and resorts that experience a high number of tourist visits every year. It is also home to the largest casino in America. The well-thought-out locations of the casinos in the state have contributed to their expansion for years.


Miami, Florida, comes next on the list of best gambling centers in America. Its land-based casinos offer gamblers several opportunities to win big. Gamblers will be able to play a wide range of slots, machines, tables, and poker games for real money.

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