"Much more than a Master’s degree," say students at the University of Haifa’s International School

Choose from 18 different graduate programs taught in English and join the Multi-Experience!

  (photo credit: the University of Haifa International School)
(photo credit: the University of Haifa International School)

So much can be said about the University of Haifa’s International School. Situated on the slopes of beautiful Mount Carmel with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, the International School offers 1,200 students from 90 countries from around the world a broad, wide-ranging and eclectic learning experience combining academic excellence, enjoyable campus life and the rich multicultural experiences that only Haifa, Israel’s most diverse city, can provide.

International graduate students at Haifa’s International School can choose from 18 different one and two-year master’s programs –  taught in English – including International Relations, Maritime Civilizations, Marine Biology, National Security, Public Health, Political Science, Holocaust Studies and more. All programs provide students with the practical tools they need to succeed in their respective fields and promote creative problem-solving with global impact, while the International School’s dedicated team of world-renowned professors and administrators tend to the welfare of its international students.

But truly, the best way to learn about the graduate programs at the University of Haifa’s International School is to hear from the students themselves. 

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 Maritime Civilizations (credit: the University of Haifa International School) Maritime Civilizations (credit: the University of Haifa International School)

Karsyn Johnson, a master’s student in Maritime Civilizations from Ada, Oklahoma, says that she decided to attend the University of Haifa because of Haifa’s unique geography and the warmth of the school’s faculty. “I really liked the city and the beach being so close,” she says. “Plus, the international school’s faculty was quick to help me in any way. I had never experienced that with previous universities, so I just had a good feeling about the place. The program in underwater archaeology looked so interesting, and it was exactly what I wanted to do, which was dive as much as possible, while learning about the history of the Mediterranean,” she says.

International students at the University of Haifa experience a microcosm of Israeli society in Haifa with its varied population of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze and Bahai adherents. Nanette Anyomi, a master’s student from Ghana, chose the University of Haifa’s program in International Relations because,  she explains, “I wanted a place with a great deal of diversity that was multicultural. Haifa, with its different religions and groups, is a very multicultural place. The university has a large international student body, and I am fortunate to have amazing roommates from all over the world – Greece, India, Australia and the United States. They are understanding and friendly people.”

Anyomi adds that the city’s stunning vistas and views from Mount Carmel, combined with the sandy beaches at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, make Haifa an attractive place to study. “It’s a warm, friendly, and relaxed chill place,” she says.

  (credit: Nanette Anyomi) (credit: Nanette Anyomi)

Johnson concurs with Anyomi’s assessment of the overall environment and adds that the welcoming attitude of the school has been most helpful. “Everyone is so friendly and cool, and they want to help me in every way they can, because they’ve been in my shoes as a young graduate student. They understand the struggles and uncertainty and how hard it can be to get the ball rolling. But no matter our level of experience, they have never hesitated to invite us on a dig or a dive to learn more, and I absolutely love that!”

Uriel Peizer, a graduate student in Holocaust Studies from Argentina, always wanted to study abroad in Israel and chose the University of Haifa because it is one of the few schools in the world that offers a master’s degree in Holocaust Studies. “This is not a master’s program that you can find anywhere,” he explains. “It is very rare to find a graduate program in Holocaust studies, and the University of Haifa is among a handful of schools that provides its student with this amazing degree and hands-on internships and work experience.”

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  (credit: Uriel Peizer) (credit: Uriel Peizer)

Peizer enjoys the social atmosphere on campus, from the weekly student activities to the on-campus Chabad center for religious services, and of course, the availability of breathtaking Mount Carmel for hiking. And, he adds, “Student life in the dorms is incredible. The people who live next to you are your neighbors, and your housemates and flatmates become your best friends. You are just a three-minute walk from your classes, which makes life very convenient if you’ve overslept and didn’t hear your alarm clock go off!”

Anyomi, who is studying in a dual program with the University of Haifa and the University of Warsaw, particularly appreciates the on-campus activities. “The school hosts many parties and events, for international students, including occasional Shabbat dinners, which is amazing, because some of us don’t have family here. It gives you a homey feeling. There have been Halloween parties and Hanukkah parties, and they even organized a party during the World Cup for students to watch the games.”   

Johnson, Peizer and Anyomi are unanimous in their positive assessment of the University of Haifa International Program and wholeheartedly recommend it to others. Says Peizer, “The professors are brilliant and always there for their students. I would recommend the University of Haifa to anyone who wants to see Israel and is interested in pursuing higher education.” Johnson agrees and says, “The location is great – you’ve got the ocean to visit whenever you want, and there are places to breathe and relax up here, too!” Adds Anyomi, “The staff is most accommodating, especially during the admission progress and in arranging a visa. The courses are very detailed, the lecturers are really nice and friendly, and the city is incredible with amazing views and warm people. I would definitely recommend it!”

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