Nancy Mello runs a successful business as a psychic & animal communicator

 (photo credit: NANCY MELLO)
(photo credit: NANCY MELLO)

When someone says the word ‘psychic’, what comes to mind?  Chances are that you have internalized the social stigma surrounding this field and you are ready to write it off immediately.  When you do this however, you’re throwing the baby out with the bath water and you’re potentially missing out on something great.

There are a dedicated portion of the psychic community who are sharing their gifts for the right reasons, and they deserve a lot of credit for continuing to work as hard as they do, even in the face of a society that tends to dismiss what they’re capable of.

One of these people is a woman named Nancy Mello, who in the space of just a year or two has managed to build for herself a strong community of people who find a lot of value in what she does.  She is a psychic and animal communicator – and she helps people deal with traumatic events in their lives, find lost pets, search for answers in the darkness, and so much more.

She is a great example of someone who has transformed her gift from a mere party trick to an actual business that helps people.  In much the same way that people go to therapists or life coaches to help them get through difficult circumstances, Mello has shown time and time again that she can bring comfort and peace to those with an open mind.

She’s also extremely savvy as an entrepreneur and understands that her online brand is what’s going to help you reach as many people as possible.  She has built strong followings on social media and is continually giving back to the community through free readings and helping out wherever she can.

The secret to her success seems to be the way she handles every single session with a client – with a care and compassion that speaks volumes about the person that she is.  In her own words, she tries to treat every client as a friend because, at the end of the day, they are often dealing with very deep and personal things.  This personal touch is what makes her readings so much more than what they appear.  They are multi-layered and nuanced in the best possible way.

Through this keen focus on each session, the word-of-mouth marketing has taken care of itself and when combined with her online content strategy – she has set herself apart as a psychic who also understands how to run a sustainable business.

Her brand is built on authenticity and giving her all in every session – and that’s what is going to stand her in good stead going forward.  If you’re in need of comfort, answers, insights, and you have an open mind – then why not give it a try?  The worst-case scenario is that nothing changes.  

But, perhaps, she just might be able to open a door that you never knew you needed to open.  Her hundreds of happy clients would implore you to do so.