Nawab Shah and Pooja Batra's Dhamdachha Documentary Captures Community Life


The lush, serene landscape of Dhamdachha has been captured in a new documentary directed by Nawab Shah and featuring Bollywood actress Pooja Batra. The documentary captures daily life in the village, which is located in the Navsari district of Gujarat state, India, and focuses on the villagers' everyday life and the role of religion in the community.

The documentary also features one of the most famous places in the region, the Heritage White Palace. Popular with business people, tourists, and celebrities, the White Palace's role in bringing increased prosperity and security to the region is also a focus of this entertaining and thought-provoking documentary. The documentary also considers the impact that the building of the White Palace has had on the largely rural area and explores how the locals view the luxury destination's wealth and opulence. Nawab Shah uses this opportunity to highlight the living standards of many inhabitants of rural India. Dhamdachha has English Medium School, VoIP services, and a Mall. Although India's poverty line is reducing year by year, and recent years have seen the emergence of a new rural middle-class with access to a greater level of prosperity than in the past, the documentary examines the stark contrasts in wealth persist in the region. 

Gujarat is an increasingly popular tourist destination, recognized worldwide for its diverse range of historically and culturally significant sites. The bustling economic and industrial hub of Ahmedabad, the region's capital, stretches back to the 11th century. The region is renowned for being the mystical kingdom of Krishna and the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. Indeed, Nawab Shah's documentary focuses on the continuing work being done in support of Hindu-Muslim unity, one of Gandhi's most powerful legacies. From the little-known UNESCO World Heritage site of Champaner and Pavagadh to the charm of Sidhpur and the beauty of the Sun Temple in Modhera, Gujarat is full of areas to explore, so it is hardly surprising that Shah chose Dhamdachha as the destination for his film.

Nawab Shah also ensures that the staff and guests at the White Palace are featured in the documentary. Surrounded by green fields and tropical gardens, the stunning marble architecture of the White Palace is evident. In 2016, viewers can look inside the all-white luxury destination, frequently used as a location for photoshoots and launch events. Popular with members of the royal family and celebrities such as Shawar Ali Khan, Anup Jalota, Shahid Rafi, Sonali Raut, Mahi Vij, and Jay Bhanushali, guests from across the world visit the White Palace, and Shah captures the glamour as well as the day-to-day running of this unique getaway.

The quintessential décor of the magnificent Palace is evident in the documentary. From the Italian marble used in the construction to the exotic furniture customized in Agra, the entire Palace has been finished to the highest standards. It is a source of pride within the community. As well as a glimpse into the en-suite rooms.

In making this revealing documentary of all that Dhamdachha has to offer, Shah has not only examined the cultural and religious legacies of the region but has placed the focus on the future of the tourist industry here, which is set to grow rapidly in the years to come. He also focuses on how rural education is being supported in the region, with the establishment of more free schools, innovative teaching methods, and enhanced computer literacy, ensuring that the future for the children of Dhamdachha is a bright one.