Nextiva launches new software to redefine business communications

  (photo credit: NEXTIVA)
(photo credit: NEXTIVA)

Nextiva, the future-of-work software company, just launched a new workhub application that will become the model for how businesses communicate, collaborate, and engage their customers. 

For over 20 years, software companies built standalone applications to solve one communication or customer management problem at a time. Well-meaning businesses have done their best to keep up despite limited budgets, piling on app after app until their communications and customer engagement became an unmanageable mess. 

The trend has accelerated over the last two years, as customers began using more channels to communicate. Even more tools were created to help facilitate collaboration for increasingly remote teams, as well as platforms that streamline workflows, like Hubspot.

The result? Despite billions of dollars spent on millions of apps for communication, team collaboration, and customer engagement, both employee satisfaction AND customer satisfaction are at their lowest measured levels in decades.

But no more. Nextiva, which is well-known for their business phone system, now has a new app that is made to change the outcomes for every business and bring an end to unhappy customers and frustrated teams. 

Nextiva does three things that have never been done before:

  • Brings together all channels into one single thread of conversation
  • Bridges team and customer communication and collaboration into one tool, and
  • Combines customer communications and customer engagement together in a single app

Nextiva is reducing app overload and breaking down data silos to unleash the power of relationships with a single conversation view.

Getting rid of useless, redundant apps lets businesses save money while they communicate confidently, work smarter (and more productively), and delight customers.

“From the beginning, Nextiva’s vision has been to power human connections, because conversations are the beating heart of every business. With our latest innovation, we’re helping businesses transform with meaningful conversations that build strong and lasting relationships with customers.” said Tomas Gorny, co-founder and CEO of Nextiva.

“We at Nextiva envision a world where instead of focusing on various tools, we bring conversations together into a single place and merge technologies to create a seamless experience that puts customers and teams first.”

NextivaONE is available to all businesses starting today, with additional features added continuously. Businesses can finally eliminate frustrated teams and unhappy customers with one solution that brings together communication, collaboration in a single platform.

This article was written in cooperation with Nextiva