ONLYOFFICE: document collaboration for security-savvy teams

  (photo credit: ONLYOFFICE)
(photo credit: ONLYOFFICE)

Document collaboration is in the core of every modern business’ IT infrastructure, be it a tiny startup or a multi-branch international enterprise. 

And although there are plenty of solutions to choose from, not to mention the all-mighty Google and Microsoft suites, finding an alternative that combines data security features with collaboration and professional editing tools for an affordable price is a challenge.

One of such alternatives is ONLYOFFICE Docs, an online office for document editing and collaboration suited for cloud and on-premise environments.

Document editing

ONLYOFFICE Docs includes editors for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in one suite that are based on Microsoft formats and support other popular file types including ODF, PDF, CSV, HTML, EPUB, RTF, TXT and more.

Tools for working with text allow creating structured documents for any purpose, adding multifunctional layouts for online viewing, printing, and publishing, adding bibliographies, styling and formatting fonts and text bodies.

Complex objects like editable autoshapes, tables, charts, equations, images, and even videos enhance the look and functionality of visual contents. All objects and texts created in ONLYOFFICE are supported in other software for browsing and editing without distortions, while HTML5 Canvas technology ensures equal display of files when viewing, editing and printing them in different browsers browser and operating systems.

Spreadsheets editor supports over 450 formulas, allows filtering and formatting large datasets, creating and editing pivot tables, adding conditional formatting, using Sheet Views, and printing out your data on any paper formats.

Presentation editor features tools for visualizing your narrative and creating schemes to build slide shows, prepare brochures, reports, or sales offers.

Real-time file collaboration

Share documents with your team or externally, and create files together without distortions, using real-time Fast co-editing mode or more private, paragraph-locking Strict mode.

  (credit: ONLYOFFICE) (credit: ONLYOFFICE)

Add comments to ask questions and solve issues, mention users in them to get them notified about your inquiries and instantly share files with new users.

You can Track Changes to let others know what you suggest to add, change, or delete — or review others’ changes, navigate, accept and reject them. Similarly, you can compare two separate documents using Document Comparison to browse the highlighted differences and create a final version of your agreement, article, or form from different files.

Version History in ONLYOFFICE Docs allows browsing who changed what and when, and restore any version or revision in the document if you want to retrieve lost content or revert changes.

You can discuss the process live with your colleagues in the built-in chat, or connect your Telegram messenger using an official plugin to communicate without leaving the window.

Third-party plugins for extra functionality

Speaking about plugins, these are useful tiny apps in Docs for inserting videos, editing pictures, creating bibliographies with Mendeley, Zotero, or EasyBib, translating texts with one of the available translation apps, checking grammar and searching thesaurus, and much more.

  (credit: ONLYOFFICE) (credit: ONLYOFFICE)

More, you can create and run macros to automate calculations or text structuring using ONLYOFFICE’s own macros tool from the plugin library.

Data protection

In the cloud-first office collaboration, especially with the majority of offices switching to remote operation or hybrid working models, security of document sharing and co-editing it essential. 

ONLYOFFICE Docs allows sharing documents with flexible document permissions: full access, read-only, review, comment, fill forms, and custom filter (in spreadsheets). You are free to grant the access to your collaborators only to perform the intended tasks and protect your data from alteration or loss. ONLYOFFICE also supports watermarks. 

There are even more opportunities for improving document security in ONLYOFFICE Docs. Using API, you can also restrict copying, downloading, and printing of certain documents. It is possible to enable the end-to end encryption for documents and even real-time editing and collaboration to secure access to the most sensitive data. Finally, ONLYOFFICE docs features JWT for protection from unauthorized access and allows limiting cache lifetime manually.

ONLYOFFICE Docs is an open-source product, meaning that the code is publicly available to examine from the inside out and learn about the used methods of data processing.

Choose how to use ONLYOFFICE Docs

Businesses are free to choose how to implement ONLYOFFICE Docs in their infrastructure.

You can use ONLYOFFICE Docs within a complete collaboration platform - ONLYOFFICE Workspace. It features own document management and sharing system, project management functionality, mail, CRM, calendars, chat and other productivity tools. It is available as in-house deployment on your private network or as a cloud service in public cloud. 

It is also possible to integrate the suite into your favorite sync&share platform like Alfresco, Confluence, Nextcloud, ownCloud, SharePoint, Seafile, and many others. Ready-to-use connectors developed by ONLYOFFICE or its official technology partners make the integration process a piece of cake.

It’s also possible to incorporate the editors into your own cloud app or service (ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition).