Oscar Barragan helps businesses looking to grow on social media

Oscar learned social media marketing inside and out in his late teens and early twenties.

 (photo credit: OSCAR BARRAGAN)
(photo credit: OSCAR BARRAGAN)
Ever since Oscar Barragan teamed up with a popular social media marketing agency based out of Los Angeles, his success has been meteoric. Growing up not having much, what he did have was motivation to succeed. Once he turned 20, Oscar began his path to unbridled success. At just 23 years old now, he has accomplished an enormous amount, and helped thousands of businesses in the process.

Oscar learned social media marketing inside and out in his late teens and early twenties. That enabled him to develop a network of 10 million followers, which is an extraordinary feat. This caught the eye of the founder of Loudley, which then further cemented his success.

The ways Oscar and Loudley help businesses get a leg up on social media are many. They help manage ad spending, while continuously optimizing so that businesses can get the strongest ROI possible. They also create funnels that make sure every visitor will receive a customized incentive to make a purchase. Oscar and Loudley also create custom audiences that are hyper-targeted thanks to using customer lists. Pixel implementation is also something they make sure to do, which includes installing and confirming the Facebook Pixel is tracking correctly.

This is all just part of the services Loudley Media Agency and Oscar Barragan provide their clients. The level of their service has been highly-regarded by their clients, including notable figures like Smitty, who is Post Malone's DJ, as well as many other high-end clients.

Within the past six months, Loudley has gotten over 100 million impressions for its social media marketing campaigns and delivered $3.5 million in revenue. All of this was done using just Facebook alone. As much as partnering with Loudley Media Agency helped Oscar become more successful, the mutually beneficial relationship has also taken the agency to new heights.

Oscar wasn't always as successful as he is today. His early days involved him living in a one-bedroom trailer with his parents and two brothers. There was barely enough money in those days to get by. Investing in starting up a business was definitely out of the question. That's why Oscar looked into ways to make money that had a low barrier to entry, requiring little to no investment to kick things off.

After learning all about social media marketing using free resources he found online, he was able to quickly grow an audience, and do so for others. Once he achieved a high degree of success, he started getting noticed by well-established agencies. Loudley became the most notable, and Oscar felt it was the perfect fit for his ambitions.

Today, Oscar and Loudley are a growing force in the SMM industry, and are sure to grow even more in the coming months and years.