Overall, Brazil Continues to Struggle – So What Can Be Done?

As Brazil Continues Being Ravaged by the Pandemic, What Can Be Done to Aid the Struggling Nation?

Rio de Janeiro downtown and favela. Brazil (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Rio de Janeiro downtown and favela. Brazil
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Coronavirus has had a significant impact on everyone. Even though most of the attention has been focused on the United States, Europe, and Asia, fact is, that South America has been affected just as much. Due to countries in South America, such as Brazil, not being nearly as developed as other countries in the world, they are actually being hit even harder. This has led to a number of people wondering what can be done in Brazil and how they can help.

The Impact of the Pandemic in Brazil

The coronavirus was first reported in Brazil back in February of 2020. Since then, it has quickly become clear that Brazil counted among those countries that suffered the most from the pandemic. Among the major reasons for these circumstances is the fact that Brazil consists of many vulnerable communities. Furthermore, the country has a relatively weak social protection system in addition to an economy that is still emerging.

Due to people not being sure what to make of this virus and its potential health hazards, most people can only pay attention to the financial consequences that accompany the pandemic. Therefore, it has been incredibly difficult for local authorities to persuade people that they need to stay at home, which has led to the virus spreading further. In addition, the healthcare system – which is not developed nearly as much as it is in other countries – does not have the capacity to handle a pandemic of this size. As a result, the people in Brazil are suffering.

Brazilian Families Are Vulnerable to the Virus

In regard to the pandemic, there are numerous risk factors that make the people more susceptible to the impacts of the virus. For example, individuals in Brazil who are under the age of 50 have been hospitalized and are dying at a higher rate in comparison to the United States or countries in Asia and Europe. The reason for this is an extreme inequality in income, and poverty, making people in Brazil more vulnerable to the pandemic. When this is combined with the fact that Brazil's health system is on the brink of collapse, it is understandable why the country is struggling as much as it is. Brazil has a population of about 200 million people, yet they are only running about 14,000 tests for every 1 million people in the country. This needs to increase substantially to prevent the virus from spreading even more.

The Economy Is Only Making Things Worse

Right now, the country needs resources in order to respond to the pandemic accordingly. However, concerns related to the current  are causing people to have second thoughts when it comes to the local economy. Such circumstances would hit charities harder than other organizations because those who would usually donate to charities are not able to do so when they are affected by a struggling economy.

The good news is that there are Jewish charities stepping up to the plate as they lend a helping hand, providing face masks, hand sanitizers, and other essential resources to help the people of Brazil. In order to ease the suffering of those in need, people need to come together and support nonprofit organizations that are trying to help the vulnerable part of the population in Brazil. Now, they need our help more than ever.

The Future Aftermath of the Pandemic in Brazil

Right now, the future of Brazil is bleak. The pandemic has hit the country incredibly hard and people continue to get sick and die in large numbers. Therefore, anyone who is able to spare extra resources should consider donating to charitable organizations that are dedicated to help Brazil. Right now, the country needs help on a global scale more than ever. Only by sticking together and helping one another during this difficult time will Brazil and the rest of the world be able to overcome this pandemic.