Ozzy Tyres is taking over with innovative tech and user experience

  (photo credit: Ozzy Tyres)
(photo credit: Ozzy Tyres)

The online wheel and tyre space is a relatively new concept. Until recently, wheel and tyre purchases were normally something a customer would do physically. They’d go into a workshop or tyre store, have the wheels measured and fitted, and then change them. With e-commerce, the landscape is transforming. Now customers can get wheels and tyres at their convenience from the comfort of their homes. Ozzy Tyres is an Australia-based e-commerce wheel and tyre retailer that has dominated the industry through innovative tech and unparalleled user experience. The company has focused on three main areas: quality products, unparalleled user experience, and customer satisfaction.

Ozzy Tyres was founded by wheel and tyre industry veterans with over 20 years of experience in the traditional face-to-face model of selling tyres. About ten years ago, their customers started asking for e-commerce services. This presented an opportunity to create a new model from scratch with new ideas on how to provide customers with unmatched customer service and best-in-class products. With the customer’s user experience as their primary focus, the Ozzy Tyres team consistently put hundreds of hours into working on a website for 10 years. The product was an unmatched user-friendly, interactive platform unseen elsewhere.

The first distinction between Ozzy Tyres’ new website and others is the company’s range of products. Unlike most online wheel and tyre retailers, Ozzy Tyres offers these two products as a package. From experience, the founders knew that most people want to buy a wheel and tyre package online, but they didn’t know the technical specs of what would fit their vehicles. That created confusion and reluctance because customers didn’t want to waste money on the wrong products.

To remedy that, Ozzy Tyres’ founders created an algorithm based on the vehicle’s make and model. It allows the team to figure out what wheels and tyres would fit each car and bundle them together. Over the years, the Ozzy Tyres team has created an impressive database of over 50,000 vehicles. This means there is little to no chance of a customer’s car not being in Ozzy Tyres’ catalog. All a customer needs to do is feed their make and model into the website, and everything will come up for them to browse through. By offering so many options, Ozzy Tyres has eliminated doubts and established credibility.

Customer satisfaction and feedback is the next pillar of Ozzy Tyres’ operations. The team has spent years researching every tyre and wheel and the measurements and specifications for every car. That information is readily available for consumers, saving hours they’d waste looking for something that may or may not fit their vehicle. Additionally, the website has a resources section where customers can get answers to their questions and a gallery with similar vehicles that other people have purchased. The latter proves the team’s proficiency in their work and gives customers more reasons to trust them.

Ozzy Tyres takes customer satisfaction very seriously. It’s one of their top priorities, along with quality products and affordable prices. They know that the customers they serve around the country are the engine that drives their business. The person behind the wheel is just as important as the wheels and tyres, which is why Ozzy Tyres wants to be considered the people’s brand. Supporting the people of Australia is important to them, and they do that by providing the best possible products at the lowest prices. This allows them to give back to the customers they serve. High-end tyres should be available to anyone who needs them, which is a mission that drives Ozzy Tyres every day. One of the ways they make these products affordable for the masses is through interest-free finance options to assist them.

Customization is the next thing Ozzy Tyres is working on. One founder says they will customize the complete experience based on the customer’s vehicle genre. This means that the entire website will soon change based on a customer’s vehicle’s genre. The company hopes this will enhance the user experience from beginning to end and add a more personal touch.

This article was written in cooperation with Ozzy Tyres