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The tenants of the Beit Hakerem estate create art. A wonderful world on a palette

Batsheva Yosha (photo credit: EFRAT ESHEL)
Batsheva Yosha
(photo credit: EFRAT ESHEL)

As a color consultant, all her life Batsheva Yosha has worked in a field “parallel to art.” The move to the Beit Hakerem estate opened new worlds of creation for her - in puppetry and painting. So far she has exhibited at the mansion two exhibitions of her wonderful paintings

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Batsheva Yosha, 86, is a seventhgeneration Jerusalemites, and one of the first tenants to inhabit the Beit Hakerem estate about 12 years ago. On the walls of her corner ground house hang paintings she made, and decorative dolls she created as part of a puppetry class where she studied several years ago. The story of her absorption in the mansion is largely connected with the entry of art into her life.

“My son was one of the planners of the estate, and while the project was on paper only he offered me to register as a tenant,” recalls Batsheva. “Without giving it too much thought, I agreed, and in the meantime I enjoyed the range of classes that the estate opened for me, and through them I was also exposed to the creative classes. The moment came when the estate was ready for the occupancy of tenants, but I did not feel ready yet for this move, and I hesitated. But at some point I was asked to choose whether to enter as a tenant or give up my spot, and that included giving up the art classes as well. Apparently it was the art that drew me in, and since then I have been here and very happy about the choice I made.

” Batsheva describes a childhood that was far from the worlds of creation and art, but remembers anyways: “My mother did some handicrafts like light sewing, knitting wool and also crochet, and I followed her at different stages in my life to pursue similar hobbies. In my exhibition at the estate, an acquaintance from school reminded me that I used to draw designs of dresses, it reminded me that at some point in my life I really wanted to study fashion. In the end, I chose to study interior design - a field that gave me a great answer to my love of drawing things.
“ Throughout the years, Batsheva has worked in a field that parallels art, and has been a color consultant, with her curiosity causing her to expand her horizons to other fields: “Everything I needed for a particular project and I did not know, I researched and studied myself, and sometimes I also turned to professionals to expand my knowledge. For example, one time I turned to a color weaver to explain to me the nature of her work.”

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(photo credit: Efrat Eshel)

This is not a coincidence

Batsheva’s natural curiosity to discover more creative worlds led her in her youth to learn sewing, and she was among the first to sew using Burda’s booklet. She handed the booklets to her mother, who, in light of the background she already had in sewing, easily managed to master the skill. After a while, when her mother was 45, she decided to quit her job as an accountant, went independent and opened a sewing shop. Batsheva’s wedding dress was sewn by her mother, and it was also the only wedding dress her mother ever sewed. “The turnaround my mom made was a lot thanks to the Burda booklet I handed her.” Batsheva has three children and five grandchildren. “Over the years, my grandson Stav remembered the Odyssey stories I used to tell him as a child. He told me that as a result of the stories and characters he became interested in art, and that they influenced his choice to study at Shenkar.”

At the estate she discovered art

The amount of classes at the Beit Hakerem estate fascinates Batsheva, and especially those that have opened a door to the world of art. During the first years at the estate, she studied puppetry, and really enjoyed learning and creating herself. She created over 10 dolls, each of which was created with a different technique and a lot of investment.

Four and a half years ago, a painting class was started for beginners at hours that suited her agenda, and she signed up, and has since been captivated by the magic of the palette.
“When I paint I lose track of time, and if the lesson is over and I have more colors left on the palette, I take them to my apartment and keep painting until the colors run out. I recently booked a ticket for a show at the theater, and I knew there was a ride and when it was leaving. But I was immersed in painting, and I missed the show. Painting makes me forget everything that is happening around me. I am in another world; A world of color.
“ Batsheva paints today with oil paints and she has already done two art exhibitions, set up in the lobby of the estate. In the last exhibition, 40 of her paintings were displayed. She studies art in various settings, on and off the estate, and has been participating for 18 years in a class that exposes her to different types of art - modern art, Israeli-Spanish art and more.
“My inspiration for painting comes from different places. In many cases it is the colors that lead me into creation. I like to paint landscapes, animals and women, and especially themes related to simple everyday life”.

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