Peter Jideonwo reveals a fresh Social Media Strategy for Artists in 2020

The internet has as if had a second birth during the pandemic

 (photo credit: PETER JIDEONWO)
(photo credit: PETER JIDEONWO)
The internet has as if had a second birth during the pandemic. It has been the time when artist-musicians of the world took to social media to share, inspire, learn, and teach their ways of looking and interpreting the world. And, become a bright spot on the bleak canvas that the pandemic was threatening to turn the world into. With social media paving the way for the future of all forms of art, it’s the perfect time for social media expert Peter Jideonwo to share his new and interesting strategy or two for artists in 2020. 

Jideonwo is a 27-year old entrepreneur who manages and guides the social media accounts of the likes of juicewrld999, Trippieredd, Thekidlaroi, and Gradea. Like many of his generation, Jideonwo who has roots in Nigeria was quick to exploit the many possibilities of social media and its efficacy during the unprecedented times that we find ourselves in. He understands how musicians often fail to capitalize on their talents and market their work without turning a darker shade of red. That, and a general lack of knowledge about marketing and running a business often keeps many talented musicians from structuring their feet firmly in the world of success and fame.

To counter this efficiently Jideonwo advises young artists to define their personality and the personality of their music as best as they can. This he says, “helps to create a sense of uniqueness that’s easy to keep up because it’s based on honesty.” Good music does not lie; it simply dilates, exalts, and stretches honesty. Most musicians build their music around their life and their life around their music, and according to Jideonwo “if they can build this symbiosis on social media, they will find their patrons, fans, and followers easily”. He adds that artists can “set up the pace of their work and their expectations of themselves right from the beginning as it creates a sense of continuity and that perhaps is the most potent form music and musicians can create on social media.” 

He encourages musicians to stay on the pulse of their world by actively engaging with the younger audience. “Kids is where the future is, whether music or business. So if you want me to fall in love with you and say like, Oh, yeah, that’s a star, be where the real music is – in the heart and lips of young people and you’ll find inspiration.”

Young, hard-working, and humane, Jideonwo is sure that good music is where the heart is.