Plan beyond Corona - Invest in the Jerusalem Spirit residential project

 (photo credit: VIEWPOINT)
(photo credit: VIEWPOINT)

The world is in turmoil and there is nothing that will give you more of a sense of stability and purpose than purchasing a customized, luxury property in one of Jerusalem’s most sought-after locations – just minutes away from the Old City, Mamilla Mall, city center and the Great Synagogue.  

Even in these challenging COVID times, these stunning apartments are in high demand as Israelis and Jews around the world are planning their lives after COVID. Why not make the decision now to make Jerusalem your physical – not just spiritual home?   

The Jerusalem Spirit residential complex, developed by the leading real estate investment and development company, Hadas Capital, offers 200 luxurious apartments in the heart of Jerusalem. They have already sold 140 apartments – 40 since COVID started almost a year ago!  

Founded in 2010, Hadas Capital have built hundreds of residential units in Israel and around the world. You can trust their reliable construction, creativity in design, attention to detail, and personal touch. Think beyond COVID; focus on becoming part of the Jewish journey in Jerusalem.  

Now is the perfect time to buy property in Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital. With Jewish life in the Diaspora insecure and even dangerous – NOW – is the perfect opportunity to make a long-term investment for you and your family to ensure yourselves a secure future in our Jewish homeland – where, of course, all Jews can feel safe and at home.

Why is it that despite COVID, Israelis and Jews from around the world are showing interest in purchasing apartments in the Jerusalem Spirit project?  

We like to point to three factors: 

Firstly, the outstanding, personalized service we provide our clients with - paying attention to every individual detail - means that customers are drawn to us, trust us and stay with us. 

Now, during the COVID restrictions and regulations, the Hadas Capital staff are providing an online service, using the most up-to-date and sophisticated digital methods, so that clients are still receiving a top-quality service.   

Inquiries, meetings and viewings take place online, so that clients can see how the project is progressing and have their questions answered in real time, with their own eyes – using the best digital resources to provide clients with a top quality, personalized service.   

 Jerusalem Spirits' online viewing service includes: 

  • Virtual individualized video tours;  
  • Zoom and telephone meetings;  
  • Stunning brochures and photos;  
  • Online presentations; and   
  • Conference calls and group Zoom meetings with our representatives.   

Secondly, the instability and insecurity of life for Jews outside of Israel. 

The recent elections in the US with the new President Biden coming into power, together with the riots on Capitol Hill, have led to much uncertainty for American Jewry.  

Furthermore, rising antisemitism in Europe has meant that Jews don’t feel secure. The result of these and other events is that increasingly, Jews around the world are realizing they will only feel safe and truly at home in Israel and are looking to make Aliyah and spend more time here.   

 Thirdly, Israel is the “Vacci-Nation,” with over three million citizens having been inoculated. Unlike in the US and Europe, where they have not managed to vaccinate their populations in effective ways, Israel has.  This means that our clients feel they will be better protected in Israel. 

 The outdoor nature of the lifestyle in Israel means that even when keeping to the Health Ministry COVID regulations, one can still go out and see friends. While in the US and Europe, where many synagogues are closed, Jewish life has stopped, in Israel you are still able to live a Jewish lifestyle, while staying safe from COVID. 

In these COVID times, Israel is the best equipped country to deal with the pressures that COVID presents and has the lifestyle which allows you to carry on practicing your Jewish way of life.  

The staff at Jerusalem Spirit, have gone that extra mile in ensuring their customers get a first-class service every step of the journey to their new home in Jerusalem. Their sales teams have been especially trained in these COVID time, to provide clients with top-class digital assistance and respond to all your needs and requests.  

Positioned close to the charming Rehavia neighborhood and within walking distance of Jerusalem’s finest cultural landmarks and parks, Jewish Capital is the ideal development to invest in for your and your families' brighter, post-COVID life. 

The elegant and sophisticated ambiance and refined character of the Jerusalem Capital project will take your mind off of COVID and allow you to focus on all that Jerusalem’s most exciting building projects.  

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