"Politicians: when we disagree - we talk"

  (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)

Kobi Oz, Miriam Peretz, Avry Gilad, Miri Michaeli and Didi Harari star in a new campaign to promote dialogue. The new campaign, as part of the "JPPI initiative for negotiations", is expected to go up starting tomorrow throughout the country and is centered on a demand from the leaders of the parties - "Negotiations now!". Miriam Peretz: "Communication is not a weakness - it is a strength"

"Negotiations now!" - this is the call of dozens of leaders of public opinion and Israelis from all sides, supporters and opponents of the legal reform - as part of a new campaign by the JPPI (Jewish People's Policy Institute).

As part of the new campaign, which will be launched at the end of the week, a direct appeal is made to the heads of the parties under the title: "Politicians: when we disagree - we speak".

In the campaign, each of the participants demands that their public representatives "talk now" and also adds the reason that in her opinion, despite the differences and despite the differences - it is time to speak before it is too late. Among the participants in the campaign can be found Miriam Peretz, Miri Michaeli, Kobi Oz, Yael Shevach, Averi Gilad, Didi Harari, Shaike Levy and dozens of other opinion leaders and Israelis who care and want to stop before we end up in a fratricidal war.

Miriam Peretz: "Talking is not a weakness - dialogue is strength. Sit down and talk"

Didi Harari: "You, who we elected, who put you there, remember that we are the ones who count. Sit down, speak up, leave your ego out of the room and behave like leaders who care about their people. We have already tried exile and destruction... let's give unity a chance".

Kobi Oz: "To be clear, I am in favor of legal reform for generations with a broad consensus. From the moment the president proposed, all the leaders, experts and representatives from all sides should have reported to him immediately, for my part they should move there in Camp Herzog without moving until white smoke comes out."

Avri Gilad: "If we don't speak now, we will probably speak in exile."

Miri Michaeli: "Our country has known many crises, if only for the sake of the victims we sacrificed - sit down and talk!".

The JPPI Institute (Jewish People's Policy Institute), headed by Prof. Yedidia Stern, launched an emergency initiative about a month ago to promote negotiations in a campaign that included outdoor signage throughout the country, ads and videos, and the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of Israelis who signed a petition calling on both sides to open negotiations. Thanks to the campaign, media and public discourse increased by 300% (according to data from Yifat Media Research).

This article was written in cooperation with JPPI