Prevent COVID-19 in your Workplace Using QR Codes

QR Codes (photo credit: courtesy)
QR Codes
(photo credit: courtesy)
Covid-19 is posing a great threat to the workplace and life in general. With the need to avoid contact with infected human beings and any contaminated surface, our way of doing things has changed completely. There are a lot of uncertainties and hard to tell who is infected and who is not. Therefore, it is important to avoid all manner of contact and that is why QR codes are proving to be an essential solution to Covid-19, particularly in the workplace. The basic measures of wearing masks to keep off droplets from an infected person cannot suffice in curbing the spread of the disease. Coming into contact with infected surfaces could also spread the disease.
QR codes are advanced versions of the traditional bar codes. However, they work similarly to deliver the desired function. It is one of the great ideas that are most applicable to prevent physical contact, which is key to preventing the spread of Covid-19. The use of QR codes in the workplace ranges from determining who accesses your premises to making financial transactions. 
Use QR Codes to Limit and Manage Access 
You can control access to your premises using QR codes. Solutions to manage the workplace are based on QR codes and can be applied in several ways. One such use is in the tracking of people’s movements. Using a simple app, the data captured on the platform is converted into usable information to determine whether or not to give access to your visitors. Basically, you can use QR codes to collect information about your visitors’ health and make a decision on how to deal with them. All this happens by tracking their movements and health status without making any physical contact. 

To avoid embarrassing anyone by asking them Covid-19 – related questions, using a QR code generator would be a great approach. This works by asking your visitors to get the app and share with them a QR code on this platform. That way, you can find out more about their health status. The information will help you approve or reject their entry to your premises. This is a contactless requirement that you can apply in your workplace and ensure that everybody is safe. You cannot be sure of your visitors’ health status unless you question it. Therefore, QR codes will help you do that with ease without engaging in a risky procedure of having someone to fill pre-screening forms at the reception desk. 
Cashless Payment Systems with QR Codes 
A lot of cash transactions happen in the conventional workplace and that is also an avenue through which Covid-19 can be contracted. As the business owner, you can generate a QR code attached to a payment link. Every buyer will get this QR code once they have made a buy decision. Upon receipt, they will be required to scan the code using their finance application and accept payment of services and/or goods. The transaction is effected and money transferred to the seller upon which a receipt is issued to the buyer. With such an arrangement, it is clear that there is no contact made anywhere and that protects everyone in the workplace. 

It is important to note the difference between the use of QR codes and other payment options such as MasterCard and Visa. With QR codes, all you need is an application from your smart gadget. For the other options that have cards, there are payment terminals that could be a threat to your health when shopping around from different stores. On the other hand, a scanning process of the generated codes ensures that there is no contact whatsoever and that is what makes QR codes a suitable payment option. As the digital payment system continues to open up, it will be easy to integrate QR codes into e-commerce, ordinary stores, and cryptocurrencies among other financial instruments. 
The devastating effects of Covid-19 can be tamed with proper measures put in place. Part of this involves avoiding all manner of contact, especially in the workplace. For that reason, QR codes provide you with the opportunity to contactless track your visitors’ movements and health, which is essential in curbing the spread of this disease. With a QR Code generator, you can securely transact business and stay safe.