Rabbi Pinto: Only learn a profession you really connect to

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

In his talk last night, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto referred to the phenomenon of a person going to study a profession or become a rabbi due to social and family pressure instead of personal choice.

He explained, "Sometimes a person studies something because of social pressure, or because everyone in his family were rabbis, or because they told him 'you have to be a lawyer' or 'you have be an accountant.' If because of social pressure he does it even though he is not really built for it and it’s not for him - he will be a bad rabbi, a bad lawyer, and a bad accountant. He will be miserable."

He added, "But a person who does things in life out of an inner conviction and connection, and he inwardly wants to become a rabbi or any other profession - he will be successful and feel contentment."

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