Racing Mindset Gives David Roberts an Edge in MMA and Boxing

 (photo credit: DAVID ROBERTS)
(photo credit: DAVID ROBERTS)

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a combat sport that involves various techniques taken from other disciplines of fighting such as karate, taekwondo, judo, and boxing. MMA is one of the fastest-growing sports and is gradually gaining global acceptance. Since its inception, the sport has produced many notable superstars, but one name is taking over the industry by storm; David Roberts. David remains undefeated in his four MMA fights and three boxing bouts he has undertaken as a professional fighter. 

One aspect that makes David stand out from other fighters is his background in motor racing. He started as a kart racer in his teenage years and later entered the field of GT3 racing. David excelled in racing events, and he is also known for his stunt driving featured on his YouTube channel DRMBROTHERS. His move to join the world of MMA shocked many, but he has managed to silence his critics with his seven-match undefeated streak.

David stands out from other fighters due to his aggressive combat techniques. David attributes his current MMA success to his previous racing experience. Motor racing is a fast-paced sport that requires a driver's full attention and concentration, and is not suitable for the faint of heart.

Some of the skills and qualities that are relevant to both MMA fighters and racing drivers include:

  • Passion

To be a great sportsman, one needs to be passionate about their sport. Motor racing is a highly demanding sport requiring athletes to be fully focused and committed. MMA is also a highly demanding sport and requires many hours of training, commitment, and a strong desire to be the best. Having experience in both fields, David finds it easy to cope with the demands of MMA.  

  • Mental toughness

To be a great racing driver, you need to remain calm and focused in uncomfortable situations. This requires a tough mentality. Racing drivers are mentally tough, and so are the MMA fighters, being that they have to endure pain and physical punishment as a regular part of their sport.

  • High alertness 

A good racing driver always needs to be alert and aware of what is happening around them. Split-second decisions can make or break the chance to win a race. A fighter also needs to be constantly alert during a fight. The need to make quick decisions is paramount for victory. 

  • Risk-taking

In almost any motor racing event, drivers are taking a risk and placing their lives on the line. One wrong move and the result is a fatal accident that can lead to serious injury or death. MMA fighters also put their lives on the line. The blows and kicks the fighters must deal with can bring about life-threatening injuries. Unless one is ready to risk their lives, MMA and motor racing are not for them

  • Constructive skills

The ability to understand the purpose of the rules, the importance of working with others, and independently making crucial decisions are all necessary for both of these sports. 

David approaches all his fights with the same mentality that he approaches motor racing. His experience in competitive and intense sports environments has taught him how to handle himself to gain success.