Radiating Influential Energy with His Entrepreneurial Skills at Only 19 Years old

As a teenager entrepreneur, Idrees Kickz is already a millionaire leading four businesses under his brand 'Woiair'

 (photo credit: IDREES KICKZ)
(photo credit: IDREES KICKZ)
People come and go in various business industries, but what makes some of them sustain themselves in the competitive world is a mixture of lot many things. Some say it is only hard work and perseverance, while others are of the view that consistency and self-belief are also important factors that the gen-next must focus on to make their path clear for achieving the success they desire. Imagine a teenager who not only broke the glass ceiling of the business world but marched ahead to create his unique niche in various portfolios? Well, no matter how much ever impossible this may sound, it is true. It is the true story of a youngster from Canada named Mohammad Edris Hashimi, alias Idrees Kickz who kicked it off well in the entrepreneurial world with his courage and zealousness and made himself a proud millionaire who today owns four businesses under his brand 'Woiair'.

Youngsters are today garnering a lot of buzz and recognition almost in all business industries as they bring with them newness and innovativeness to industries which in turn has inspired other youngsters of the world to listen to their dreams and take actions to make it a reality. Idrees Kickz serves as the best example of such a youngster who has gone ahead to create milestones in the online world, optimizing the mediums to its full potential and transforming himself into a well-known millennial entrepreneur.

The e-commerce world very early had made a mark on Idrees Kickz's heart and mind and for the love, he felt for sneakers, he believed he could disrupt the e-commerce space for the better as a sneaker reseller and that's what he did. Starting his entrepreneurial journey at only 13, Idrees Kickz today at 19 years of age proves that being skillful and having the curiosity to learn new things can help individuals discover themselves and know more about the hidden talents in them which they can implement in their work and emerge as powerful personalities of the business world.

Woiair is a brand that Idrees Kickz initiated when he was all of 16 years. Today, the brand has gone ahead many in the market, thanks to the adroitness and high spirits of this youngster who believed in his dreams and his efforts. With Woiair, Idrees Kickz has tried to spread his wings in the online space by launching four businesses. 'Woiair Sneakers' exudes Idrees Kickz's true passion for sneakers and includes some of the most fashionable and comfy sneakers for customers. Woiair Merchandise is focused completely on being trendy in fashion and yet giving a chic look to customers with the apparel collection. Woiair Real Estate is where Idrees Kickz would take customers closer to their home dreams dealing into luxurious apartments and homes. And, with Woiair Digital Agency, this youngster has gone a step ahead by initiating a digital marketing company that would take care of its customer's presence and reach across the online world.

Courage is what helps individuals take on business industries like a pro and Idrees Kickz just does that proving his skills and talents as a multi-talented entrepreneur.