Real estate expert Annetta Powell reveals details about her book “Indicted to Ignited”

Fighting all odds, Annetta Powell used creativity, perseverance, resilience, and a never-say-die attitude to win against all odds that life threw at her.

 (photo credit: ANNETTA POWELL)
(photo credit: ANNETTA POWELL)
The next time you feel life is treating you harshly, keep a copy of Indicted to Ignited for that moment to see that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Annetta Powell is a woman standing tall to inspire all those who are often demotivated in the face of life’s adversities. 

Lessons from her writing

One of the critical rules behind making an empire is to think of ingenious ways to have more than one source of income. Those who were once bitten by the recession bug have learned this lesson from their own experience. In contrast, others can learn from the experience of their peers, like Annetta.

Her book focuses on some of the key principles that Annetta abides by in her life and wishes others to follow the same to have a sense of fulfillment. If there is one principle that Annetta is a master of, it is the attitude of never quitting. Resilience has marked her career journey from the time she realized that her blue-collar job would never be enough to make her reach her million-dollar dream. From then on, she started her career in real estate as a Wholesaler. Having an eye for detail, Annetta could spot valuable properties in places where few would venture. Her creative talent to locate the best of the properties at high rates and then connecting the sellers with the prospective buyers helped her carve out a lucrative career in the wholesaling business. Annetta suggests wholesaling as one of the most prospective career options for those who are just a starter in the world of real estate. Real estate wholesaling allows the wholesaler to take a decent cut as a fair share for locating the property and helps her learn the tricks of the trade early on.

Never say Never

Even after being convicted for real estate fraud and sentenced to a prison term of 24 months, Annetta came out all set to reclaim her power back. She established a real estate empire, a luxury party bus company, and five Tax Expert stores. At present, Annetta is well-positioned to train young minds to grow wealth by investing intelligently in real estate. Annetta believes that there should not be anything in life capable of taking away one’s away. IT THIS CORRECT One must always strike back by resetting goals and take them forward with full might.

Burning spirit since ever and ever

Even a sneak peek into her childhood can give you an idea of how she has never been a part of comfort and wealth. Born to deaf parents, Annetta grew up in a family of six children. From a young age, she was well acquainted with what challenges were, and if anything, she wanted to use those challenges to turn her life around. Later on, Annetta faced domestic violence and sexual assault. Even those could not take her passion and perseverance away and instead added a significant meaning to her life. Annetta is a shining example of how resilience and dedication can transform your life for the better.