Red carpet rolled out in Dubai: Rabbi Pinto’s welcome by senior government officials

  (photo credit: Chaim David)
(photo credit: Chaim David)

Senior officials and the heads of the Jewish community in the United Arab Emirates kingdom welcomed Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, who arrived at the beginning of the week for his first visit to Dubai in preparation for the establishment of a new Shuva Israel yeshiva in the colorful city.

An official reception was held in Dubai in Rabbi Pinto’s honor which was hosted by Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, the Minister of Tolerance. Rabbi Pinto was accompanied by his son and successor Rabbi Yoel Moshe Pinto and his brother, Rabbi Menachem Pinto.

A festive dinner in his honor was attended by many kingdom and government officials, businessmen, and invited participants who came due to Rabbi Pinto's visit in Dubai. “The rabbi is the symbol of tolerance among mankind,” the sheikh said to him. “We are happy to welcome you here in Dubai. Your coming is a great honor for us," he added.

"The United Arab Emirates is a place of connection and unity," Rabbi Pinto said to the Minister of Tolerance, and added: "All religions live here in peace. The Kingdom respects Judaism and the Jews who live here, and those who come to visit from all over the world."

In the evening, a Torah class was held in the luxurious lounge of the Raffles the Palm Hotel in Dubai, with the participation of hundreds of local Jews, businessmen, public figures, tourists and Shuva Israel students who came from around the world.

During the class, Israeli billionaire Ayal Waldman who had previously met and conversed at length with Rabbi Pinto sat next to him. Rabbi Pinto publicly praised Waldman and elaborated on his virtues.

Rabbi Pinto also met with Israel’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Amir Hayek, who spoke about the United Arab Emirates’ relations with Israel in general and Jews in particular. Rabbi Pinto blessed the ambassador to sanctify God through his important work.

Credit: Chaim DavidCredit: Chaim David

As mentioned, the purpose of Rabbi Pinto's visit to Dubai was to prepare the establishment of a new yeshiva in Dubai that will join the dozens of Shuva Israel yeshivas and batei midrash that are scattered all over the world.

Shuva Israel institutions under the leadership of Rabbi Pinto number nearly 100 yeshivas and batei midrash around the world, which serve as centers to disseminate Judaism and spearhead charitable endeavors. The yeshiva in Dubai, that will start operations in the coming months, is expected to serve the local Jews and thousands of Jewish and Israeli tourists.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel