Rex Ekaireb’s Journey Through Business

 (photo credit: REX EKAIREB)
(photo credit: REX EKAIREB)
Establishing oneself in business over the years is never easy, but for Rex Ekaireb, his journey has been as intriguing as it has been very successful. Rex started his business journey in the 1970s in London when he studied to become and then qualified as a chartered accountant. It was accountancy that first introduced him to the business world and set him on the path to an exciting business career spanning many decades.
Having worked through the world of accountancy, Rex Ekaireb moved into the jewelry world by 1982, at which time he established a jewelry business with his brothers in law. Working tirelessly but effectively, the Ekaireb family-run business was approached by and then sold to a large public company after a short period of fewer than five years. Having sold to the large public company in 1986, Rex was kept on by the company who saw the flair and passion he had for his business as well as his plans for its success and expansion.
Ekaireb then helped the large public company to build further and become increasingly successful after a comparatively short period of time, proving his worth to the company and its plans for expansion and growth. Rex advised the large company to buy up jewelers in London’s Diamond District, Hatton Garden. This wise move was a clever strategy through which the business could work with a captive audience and client-base to sell their jewelry and products.
After some time and a few years, Rex Ekaireb left the public company and set out to build a family jewelry business in the Hatton Garden area. By around 1990, Rex had built up a successful jewelry manufacturer which was to become one of the largest suppliers to UK retail giant Argos.
photo credit: REX EKAIREBphoto credit: REX EKAIREB
Rex’s worked within his family business, helping to grow it and increase its success. He also worked with the business to invest all but its entire profits into the UK’s property market, which was to prove a very wise move. Purchasing properties throughout London, Ekaireb was able to acquire properties in the likes of Knightsbridge, Hampstead, and even Hatton Garden.
By 2006, Rex had left the jewelry world and was solely focused on the property portfolio and family business which he was continuing to build for his family. This was to prove a very shrewd move, with the jewelry business somewhat plateauing not long after he left the industry.
Undertaking a journey punctuated by good decision making and business nous, Rex Ekaireb’s chartered accountancy experience was what allowed him to be able to acquire the knowledge and understanding of the business as a whole to then bring in to his ongoing projects thereafter.
photo credit: REX EKAIREBphoto credit: REX EKAIREB
With the UK property industry having experienced huge successes over the years, Rex’s decision making in the area over the years has been more than vindicated. Also, having got into the buy-to-let market in the timely manner which he achieved, has meant Ekaireb has been able to stay ahead of the curve. Although many landlords and property owners in the UK have trouble keeping abreast of building regulations and the likes of technical and detailed areas like air tightness testing, having established himself over the years in the industry and have learned the market, Rex was far more astute.
Rex Ekaireb in Recent Years
Having left the business world altogether, Rex now spends much of his time, resources, and efforts in the pursuit of various charitable causes. He has worked extensively with the likes of the British Red Cross and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, to whom he donated hundreds of toys for the young patients.
He has also worked for many years with the United Nations (UN), helping political prisoners found throughout (mainly Eastern) Europe. Such is Rex Ekaireb’s passion to help those in need, that his strong belief is that children who are unfortunate enough to not have one or both parents at home are not able to thrive. Thus, Ekaireb has worked over the years for the release of many of these political prisoners, who have left children at home, that are not able to thrive in the way they could with parents at home.