Ricky Villanueva shares his insights on the evolution of entrepreneurship in 2021

 (photo credit: RICKY VILLANUEVA)
(photo credit: RICKY VILLANUEVA)

This pandemic has forced us to reconsider our place in the grand scheme of things. Whether we stand as individuals or together will determine our fate. Businesses, companies, even economies will either fall alone or survive together. Ricky Villanueva, a well-known marketing guru, believes that in 2021 entrepreneurship will evolve to ensure that people working together survive.

For Ricky, 2020 and the pandemic proved to be a boon to the entrepreneur because he was already in the online networking business, and the Coronavirus forced everyone indoors making online networking a crucial business in the lockdown. “I had only started the company in December 2019. It was in November that I was presented the opportunity to get into the business, so I was a bit worried when the pandemic came. But it actually made things easier,” said Ricky. He proved his worth during the pandemic. Adaption is a key component for the evolution of entrepreneurship during the pandemic. Those who failed to adapt were going to end up last. 2021 was thus going to be crucial as the second year of the pandemic. Ricky met the challenge head-on last year with his new networking company and managed to become the fastest and youngest millionaire in the company within 8 months. Today, he has 100,000 representatives and 350,000 customers. He has also generated over $80,000,000 in sales in just under 12 months. A notable feat for any entrepreneur.

Ricky Villanueva was only 5 years old when his family immigrated to the United States. “Those days were filled with struggle. I remember when I was 13, U.S. immigration officers knocked on our door and threatened to deport us. My family was running everywhere. It took a long time, but we were finally allowed to stay in the USA as proud citizens,” said Ricky. Such experiences shaped his outlook on what it was like in the business field because every soul was a lonely one, and everybody needed help to survive in this world. “I couldn’t survive here without my family. The same thing applies to my business. It won’t survive unless there are people out there to serve and people who want to be served,” added Ricky.

Ricky’s journey is a testimony to the power of togetherness. It is very important for us to work together in 2021 or suffer the consequences alone.