Ron Malhotra: thought process to acquire any goal in 30 days or less

  (photo credit: Ron Malhotra)
(photo credit: Ron Malhotra)

Life presents unlimited opportunities to anyone bold and passionate enough to pursue their dreams. Yet various psychological hindrances stop millions from achieving success, leaving it to the select few who are no different from unsuccessful people, except for having tried. Yet, if they only look in the right direction, they will see ample opportunities out there, as well as people willing to help them. Ron Malhotra, a multi-skilled entrepreneur, is one such person who chose to devote his life to supporting people to achieve the best possible standard of living. Millions are on the lookout to benefit from his professional success coaching, as well as his best-selling books, that deliver unparalleled insights to anyone looking to succeed amidst today’s relentless market competition. Ron’s 6th book, Indoctrinated, is up for release in November 2021. Yet, before we dive into the nature of the book, let us first meet this remarkable man. 

Apart from being an entrepreneur whose success stories inspire millions, Ron is an award-winning Financial Advisor, International Speaker, Advanced Mindset and Success Mentor, Certified Leadership Trainer, Radio Host and Best-Selling Author. Yet, all this did not come easy for Ron. Plagued by various obstacles, including poverty and psychological stress, Ron one day realized that he had no more time to waste. Arming himself with discipline, passion, and motivation, Ron managed to craft the incredible life and career he owns today.

“When I was at my lowest point in life, I never would have guessed that after all the unhappiness I faced, I would eventually be able to craft an exciting, successful career, business, and life that would connect all the meaningful dots in my life, and marry up all the things that I wanted to do, but wasn’t consciously aware of”, Ron tells us.

Understanding that academic education often falls short of equipping people with the right knowledge and skill set for securing financial independence, Ron knew he could not be fully satisfied until he raised his voice against such hindrances to real success. Nothing saddened Ron more than seeing people waste their potential. Nothing pleased him more than witnessing people succeed. Ron obtained an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, A Post-Graduate Certificate in Business and an MBA. 

As a professional celebrity mentor, Ron set out to help as many people as possible to overcome fears and live their lives to the fullest. In his coaching, Ron uses state-of-the-art success formulas uniquely tailored to his clients’ needs, which he designs with exceptional expertise and care to ensure their bright futures.

“You bring the attitude – I’ll show you the way. You bring the commitment – I’ll bring the knowledge and strategy to make your dream come to life,” says Ron.

Indoctrinated: How The Traditional Education System Perpetuates Mediocrity, Conformity and Indistinguishability

Indoctrinated is a book for people who sense the mostly conformist nature of today's education system, who are uninspired and dissatisfied with the way they are being taught, but don't know how to avoid entire reliance on scholastic learning. The book is aimed to equip young people with the right insights and knowledge to abandon their total reliance on academic education, listen to their inner voice and embark on their unique journey towards success.

Ron Malhotra put it perfectly, “I am not suggesting that there is no merit in academics. I am simply saying it’s not sufficient to train people to make an income, but not train them on how to use that income to create wealth that lasts them a lifetime. Even better, let’s teach people that one doesn’t need to inherit money to create inter-generational wealth by providing them with a proper understanding of planning, prudent investing, and risk management. Wealth creation doesn’t need to be complex or technical. In fact, it can be made quite intuitive once people comprehend the fundamentals, behaviors and habits that drive wealth creation.”

Should you wish to embark on your unique journey towards ever-increasing success and financial independence, be sure to benefit from Ron’s extensive know-how by checking out his professional coaching, as well as internationally acclaimed books.