Royston G. King: a 21-year-old influencer & advisor impacting the world

  (photo credit:  Royston King)
(photo credit: Royston King)

At 21, Royston G. King has already achieved what seems impossible to many. He has established, grown, and sold multiple companies and still owns several private and public companies. Despite his young age, Royston has shown great resilience and risk-taking ability to diversify his business ventures. He has investments in the eCommerce space, digital agencies, real estate, medical, home improvement, software, Investment funds, private equity, and many others. His businesses and brands include Master Scaling, Good Purpose Universe, Good Purpose Life, God Like Scaling & Mastermind, Good Purpose Brands, and Trillion-Dollar Growth.

An ambitious young man, Royston is on the right track to building a multi-billion-dollar empire. It's also part of his life goals to continue positively impacting the lives of billions of people across the world. Royston has already laid the foundations to actualize this dream by establishing the "Good Purpose Brands" and "Good Purpose Life."

Good Purpose Brands is the first of his pioneering categories that he established himself. The category is only meant for like-minded brands that truly make a positive impact to change in the world. The Good Purpose Life brand has also played a critical role in shaping and transforming today's world. Royston also runs a charity, the Good Purpose foundation, where he personally donated tens of thousands of dollars multiple times in the first year. The renowned philanthropist believes the Good Purpose Life and Good Purpose Foundation are the keys to revolutionizing the world into a heaven on earth.

His achievements and contribution to the business and social world have earned him global recognition as one of the most accomplished persons of his age. He has been featured in world-renowned publications, such as Forbes, New York Times, USA Today, MSNBC, Thrive Global, NBC, CBS, Yahoo, Fox News, ABC, MarketWatch, Morningstar, Daily Herald, Benzinga, Digital Journal, and many others.

Royston has also earned endorsements from world-renowned celebrities including Kevin O'Leary and Grant Cardon. The young investor has also directly shared personal moments with other global personalities like Steve Wozniak.

To other aspiring young influencers, Royston advises that you work hard to transform your fortunes and live the life you deserve. Everybody deserves access to the finer things in life provided they put in the effort. Royston is a strong believer in sacrifices being rewarded; your success might be delayed, but it can never be denied. The world seems to have a way of balancing life, and whatever you put in will be reflected in your lifestyle.

But Royston cautions about getting overwhelmed by success and losing your humanity. According to him, do not let success define your personality. Material success means nothing if you lose your human kindness. Royston argues that success isn't a triumph if the person isn't successful as a good, kind human being. Being in a position to influence or impact change and then doing it for the betterment of everyone in the society is real success. Royston believes that the world can be transformed if everyone leaves a positive mark on society.