Samantha McGregor Shares Her Experience On Having to Get Things Done, Perfect or Not

 (photo credit: SAMANTHA MCGREGOR)
(photo credit: SAMANTHA MCGREGOR)

Perfectionists find it extremely difficult to get things done. They spend a lot of time searching for what needs to be corrected; it's as though they're searching for mistakes. And aren't many of us like that? Unsure of what we have done, the things we have created, stalling to put it out there?

For many people, especially those who identify as perfectionists, getting it perfect is a significant issue. They are bedeviled with wanting perfection that they eventually never get the things they’ve created out there.

Samantha McGregor, a self-acclaimed perfectionist, has the solution to this niggling, age-old perfectionist problem. Samantha says to DO IT!

Samantha is a digital strategist whose excellent strategies have helped many women of color improve their sales and increase market share. Samantha is focused on helping women of color and those from minority groups gain better business standing, providing them with the needed expertise and digital marketing resources they need to succeed in their Business.

Samantha says that, as a perfectionist, she is learning just to do it, whether it feels perfect.

Samantha had, during the lockdown, made plans to start her course on digital marketing, email marketing, and customer growth. She had made all the plans when COVID-19 struck, and they were right. The course, she admits, was packed with great and insightful teachings that she had garnered over her years as a consultant and employee for various start-ups and SaaS companies. But her perfectionist side caved in.

While others were releasing their courses during the lockdown, Samantha was 'putting finishing' touches to an already outstanding course. She saw many of her friends release their courses, but she didn't. '

Samantha has since learned that one can never truly get everything right. That when it comes to starting what one needs to start, putting out ideas and businesses, there is no perfect time. One just has to do it!

Her perfectionist side was also Samantha's near-Achilles heels when she started consulting. Although her mentor and former boss, Wojciech GRYC, had told her she'd do well as a consultant, she stalled for a few months before leaping. And it was when she took the leap that she discovered just what she truly wanted: helping business women of color gain ground in the business world.

Samantha McGregor has warned perfectionists just to get out there and do what needs to be done.

"The belief that there'll be this perfect time or perfect product is an illusion. Waiting for perfection is another 'smart' way of allowing your fear of failure to get the best of you. No one has a perfect anything, be it product or service or idea. The ideas and services and products and businesses that thrive aren't the perfect ones. They are the businesses that started and are learning the ropes along the way."

For Business, Samantha McGregor says, "Business is about trial and error. When you try an approach, and it doesn't work, you try another. There is no perfect formula; we all makeup things as we go along. Starting, whether perfect or not, is way better than waiting for perfection."

And this applies to many endeavors in life – Business, work, family, academics, etc. You can't always get perfection.

Does this mean mediocrity should be the order of the day?

No. It means we all should accept that we've got flaws and that ideas don't always come fully formed. We learn as we move along.