Secretive British philanthropist revealed to be global security expert Walter Soriano

A British philanthropist has been supporting 900 widows, orphans, and IDF invalids in Israel for years. Now he pledges nearly $1,000,000 a year to charity over the next five years.

Walter Soriano has been supporting hundreds of Israeli families living under poverty (photo credit: ZEEV BARKAN)
Walter Soriano has been supporting hundreds of Israeli families living under poverty
(photo credit: ZEEV BARKAN)

Walter Soriano is well-known in the business community for his company USG Security, which provides crisis management and litigation support services worldwide, and for his London-based residential real estate firm WS London Management. 

Now, sources claim he is also one of Israel and the UK’s most prominent anonymous donors.

Soriano, a British citizen who was born in Argentina in 1967, made Aliyah to serve as an officer in one of the IDF's elite corps. He has since moved to London, where his businesses are based, but has apparently not lost his dedication to Israel and to those of its citizens who cannot otherwise help themselves.

Sources told us that Mr. Soriano has been supporting almost 900 widows and their children across Israel and the UK for years, and also donated generously to soldiers from the IDF who are recovering from injury or are living unsupported. 

Soriano pledges his support for Israeli and UK families 

Soriano, about whom little is known, has been described as a discrete individual who does not like media attention.  A spokesman for Soriano refused to provide more details about his charity work and said he preferred to give to those in need in "hiding style " (Matan Baseter).

"He is a humanitarian by heart, whose love for the Jewish people knows no bounds. For years he has supported thousands of Israelis and British in need, and it is nice to see him getting some well-deserved acknowledgment", said one source.

This publication was able to verify that hundreds of families in Israel and in the UK were, in fact, receiving aid and relief from Soriano on a monthly basis.

According to sources and registers, Soriano distributes around $300,000 for people living in poverty, and a separately created fund provides another $300,000 for widows and orphans. Soriano apparently also supports IDF's disabled veterans who were wounded in action, and doles out $350,000 to educational organizations, cancer research, and synagogues and Talmudical Study centres around Israel and the UK.

That means that Soriano gives nearly $1,000,000 to charity every year, and we’re told that he has plans to expand his commitments even further; over the next five years, he has pledged over $5,000,000 to charities close to his heart, to continue his legacy.
A legal representative for Soriano who was approached by this publication for comment agreed to say only that "Mr. Soriano's charity issues are strictly private and confidential”.

Government offices won’t hold the much-needed support 

“After years of working with corporates and governments, supplying litigation services and crisis management, Walter has become increasingly frustrated with the wheels of government welfare institutions turning so slowly. Waiting for government aid can take months, sometimes years; time which those who have lost their main source of living or who were injured in action simply cannot spare to survive," said a former director of one of Soriano’s charity committees, explaining his longstanding commitment to the community.

Among the causes this new 5-year pledge will benefit are prominent poverty relief organization Yad Eliezer in Israel, cancer research facilities across the world and emergency services such Magen David Adom, ZAKA, and United Hatzalah of Israel.

Sources in the Jewish community revealed that Soriano also founded and built one synagogue in Jerusalem and another in North London, in memory of his mentor, Rabbi Moshe Shapira of blessed memory.

"Mr Soriano is one of the first names that come to mind in times of difficulty for the most needed and for our community's general welfare", concluded one of the community members.