SEO marketplace Legiit is set to grow and change the rules of the gig economy

Legiit, a fast-growing online SEO marketplace, shows remarkable growth figures despite encouraging freelancers to expand their network beyond the platform.

  (photo credit: Legiit)
(photo credit: Legiit)

According to many experts, the gig economy may still be in its infancy, but online SEO marketplaces like Legiit are rewriting the rules. What started as primarily an SEO marketplace attracting some of the leading SEOs in the industry is now a thriving online marketplace for everyone from writers to palm readers and graphics designers. 

Some gig workers work full-time, some part-time. Others use gigs to augment their principal income. A quarter of Americans participate in the gig economy, according to the BLS. This sector represents 25% of the US workforce. Some want to be their own boss and make more money.

Legiit is half the size of the competition, but it's developing fast because freelancers like its openness. Legiit doesn't limit freelancers from establishing a service and intending to sell it. Freelancers can sell their services on Legiit's Facebook group, establish an email list, and earn affiliate commissions by referring services.

Legiit freelancers aren’t expected to jump through hoops when communicating with potential clients, setting up custom orders, and asking for an extension if needed. Freelancers we spoke with also found Legiit to be a lot more flexible than other platforms. For instance, Legiit permits freelancers to exchange email addresses with clients to share files or set up video chats, which would get a freelancer banned from any other platform. 

Tools Needed To Build A Brand 

Some freelancers have struggled for years to build a brand. Without a brand, freelancers can't grow and must move from job to job. Legiit allows users to interact with customers, which other platforms don't.

Brand building and self-promotion have allowed many to make far more money with reoccurring business than they ever have before on other platforms. 

In other words, while Legiit values freelancers and buyers alike, it does not want people to rely on the platform for their livelihood solely. If the platform has limits, it shouldn’t limit the individual, which is why freelancers can create a custom portfolio, ask clients to join a mailing list, visit their website, communicate with them on Facebook, etc., 

Interestingly, all of the above functions are free. Legiit doesn't expect freelancers or corporations to buy anything else. Legiit's commission goes towards promoting and sustaining the platform, so there are no credits, memberships, or other fees.

But why does Legiit allow what other platforms don’t, like sharing email addresses and the platform showing people’s real names or the names they choose to show? It is a question we put to the owner and operator of the platform, Chris M. Walker. 

“I built a global SEO and personal brand from my freelance customers by creating a community and building a customer base. 

I want freelancers to have the same opportunity to succeed that I did. 

I believe that if we build a platform for people that gives them the freedom to be themselves and gives them the tools, community, and support they deserve, they’ll stay loyal to us.” Chris M. Walker CEO of Legiit. 

The private Legiit Facebook group is home to over 12,000 members, which represents only a fraction of the over 200,000 active freelancers (buyers and sellers) on the platform. 

Despite the growing number of other services, Legiit is still the go-to place for people selling SEO gig services and those looking for them. Many freelancers operate solely on Legiit, swearing by how much the platform has helped them grow as freelancers. 

About Legiit

Legiit is an online digital services platform that connects talented freelance professionals with businesses and individuals. Online freelance marketplace Legiit marked its one-year anniversary on February 7th, 2018, celebrating 365 days of matching entrepreneurs and business owners with the talent they need to get more stuff done. Legiit was founded by Chris M. Walker, who discovered his own success selling freelance SEO services online in 2015.

This article was written in cooperation with Legiit