Serial Entrepreneur Jared Sanborn Shares His Journey

 (photo credit: JARED SANBORN)
(photo credit: JARED SANBORN)
Jared Sanborn is the founder and CEO of Pure Technology Inc., a company focused on changing big data, AI, and the consumer electronics market forever. He has many years of experience as an entrepreneur and has knowledge about various business ventures. He has always been goal-driven and uses the best of his abilities to meet his objectives.
Besides his current involvement with Pure Technology Inc., Jared has also founded and worked as a C-level executive in other companies. He has the skill and experience working in almost all roles in a company, which makes him a well-rounded entrepreneur. Currently, he is raising $1.5 million for his company to meet its goals. There were a lot of obstacles that Jared had to go through before being successful.
How Jared Sanborn Got to Where He is Now
Jared Sanborn is an entrepreneur at heart. All of his endeavors were things that gave him a rush as he was on a quest to do something amazing while at the same time proving people wrong. As someone who has over 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur, he can say that he hasn’t always been successful in his journey. He also went through ups and downs but emerged triumphant in the end because he had the right attitude.
He devoted himself to working on his entrepreneurial skills
After spending many years of his life building businesses, Jared Sanborn identified the five fundamental skills that entrepreneurs should focus on improving. According to him, these are vital for every entrepreneur to be successful in business and life. As long as these basic skills are worked hard on and improved throughout life, success is guaranteed.
The first is communication, which includes reading, speaking, listening, and skills in persuading and negotiating. The second is thinking, which includes processing and comprehending different information. The other skills that must be improved are leadership, mathematical skills, and systematizing skills.
He believed in his capabilities and potential for growth
Jared Sanborn believes that one of the many reasons entrepreneurs find it hard to accomplish their goals is because they lack the right mindset. The journey isn’t easy, but they should not overestimate how much it would take to achieve it. Sometimes, it’s actually easier than it looks. They can actually do it but they just don’t trust themselves enough that they can.
For Jared Sanborn, even if the task seems too challenging, he never lets it intimidate him. Instead, he works extra hard to prove to himself that he can accomplish whatever he sets his mind on. Because of his mindset, he continued to grow as an entrepreneur and was able to accomplish his dream of becoming successful in his ventures.
Despite all the trials, he never gave up
One more mindset that every entrepreneur must have is never giving up. Challenges are inevitable in all endeavors but giving up should not be an option. Jared Sanborn emphasizes that those who succeed in life are the ones who have good judgment. However, to have that, they should learn from their bad decisions and keep moving forward.
Jared loves to encourage and educate others through his quotes and life lessons. He can be reached via social media platforms like Facebook and his website