SetSchedule: Review of the Agent Referral Network

 (photo credit: SETSCHEDULE)
(photo credit: SETSCHEDULE)
SetSchedule offers a unique, easy-to-use, and high-tech platform for real estate professionals. The app connects agents with potential buyers and sellers through the Referral Radar, a real-time feed provided by partner sites like Zillow,, RealtyTrac, and/or Facebook.
But without a doubt, the all-in-one, tech-based concierge service is an incredibly robust feature for  connecting to buyers, sellers, and renters. Simply put, SetSchedule offers real estate professionals the business management tools they need to connect with people and grow their business. SetSchedule is an innovative tool that growth-minded  real estate professionals need to increase both lead volume and efficiency.

Free App Sign-Up: Real estate professionals can sign up and download the SetSchedule app for free. It's available for both iPhone and Android devices. With a free account, realtors can use the Research Center, look through the Deals and Events, browse the Referral Radar, and more! This way, realtors can get familiar with the platform before going to the next level with a Premium account.
SetHello Video Conferencing: SetSchedule reviews their agent partner performance to match the most engaged agents with prospective clients through SetHello technology. This feature allows the most active and engaged SetSchedule users to video conference with buyers and sellers in real time. Agents can gain access to SetHellos by using the system regularly to boost their agent ranking within the system.
Photo credit: SetSchedulePhoto credit: SetSchedule
The Referral Radar: Real-time real estate leads pop up on a map of your area, using feeds from trusted partners such as Zillow,,, RealtyTrac, Facebook, and a dozen more. These leads can go fast, so it's best to stay engaged and jump on them right away.
Photo credit: SetSchedulePhoto credit: SetSchedule
The Research Center: The Research Center provides realtors with an easy way to search for properties and people. The information includes estimated property values, local market history, and background information on clients and investors. The free account allows users to use the Property Search twice, and the People Search three times. Once the user upgrades to a Premium account, they can do an unlimited number of searches every month.
Lead Quality: Not every lead is a serious buyer or seller. The good leads go very quickly to the most engaged users.
Not all features are available to all users: The most advanced features, such as the SetHello video conferencing and the concierge service, are reserved for the most active and engaged users.
Referral fees: Users pay a low, flat rate to access the leads that pop up on the Referral Radar. Also, SetSchedule charges a 20% referral fee for sales resulting from those referrals. Some users with a paid membership feel this should be included as part of the deal.
Referral Radar

Photo credit: SetSchedulePhoto credit: SetSchedule
Real-time leads from more than fifteen of the most trusted brands in the business, including Zillow,,, RealtyTrac,, First2Contact, and Facebook are fed to a map of the user's area. SetSchedule reviews their lead partnerships on a regular basis to see the effectiveness of the provided leads. 
Moreover, SetSchedule reviews and incorporates advanced AI and machine learning technology advancements to tailor the leads to the individual user. The more the platform is used, the better quality the leads. The platform provides an easy and direct way to make direct contact with potential sellers or buyers.
Free users will be required to pay a low, flat price for each of the leads they pick up from the Referral Radar. However, more active and engaged users can sign up for an affordable monthly or annual Pro subscription for discounted leads. Also, users can purchase bulk leads for the ultimate in savings.

Photo credit: SetSchedulePhoto credit: SetSchedule
Once again, the more the platform is used, the better the Referral Radar leads will be. Also, as the user picks up more and more leads from the Referral Radar, more features open up, such as SetHello and the Concierge Service.
SetHello Video Conferencing and the SetSchedule Concierge

Among the most advanced features of the SetSchedule platform is SetHello. With this feature, advanced users can connect directly with home sellers and buyers through this robust video conferencing feature.
Real estate professionals know that building personal relationships is a key component to success in the field. A video call is a great first step to make that personal connection with potential clients.
However, this valuable feature is only unlocked for the most active and engaged SetSchedule reviewed users. Users are scored according to their activity on the platform. These high-scoring users have access to verified home buyers and sellers through SetHello. This ensures a solid lead to the realtor, as well as a fast, smooth selling or buying experience for home buyers and sellers.
The conference calls are arranged by the buyers and sellers through the SetSchedule Concierge; this exclusive service connects home sellers and buyers with the very best realtors in their area. A conference call with a realtor is arranged through SetSchedule's SMART assistant, named Jessica. Jessica will arrange for an agent to contact you, initiating a SetHello video meeting. If you're more comfortable with email, text, or a phone call, that can be arranged too.
For home sellers and buyers, the concierge service uses some basic information to connect them with a realtor in their area that best suits their needs. The SetSchedule Concierge Service is a great resource; your concierge’s main goal is to ensure their client's satisfaction. Buyers and sellers will not be pressured in any way.
SetSchedule Team Features

Photo credit: SetSchedulePhoto credit: SetSchedule
The team feature allows a real estate team to get together on the Agent Referral Network. Real estate teams can use this feature to stage group chats, messaging, and so much more.
Through the unique qualities of the SetSchedule app and the Referral Radar, team leaders and agents can collaborate and share the available leads. The team leader can assign or reassign leads, adjust the budget of their agents, track follow-ups, the CRM status, follow-ups, and more.

Photo credit: SetSchedulePhoto credit: SetSchedule
The team feature provides a transparent, easy to understand and use platform for a real estate team to dominate their local market. However, the team feature is only available to premium users.
Overall, SetSchedule can be an extremely valuable tool for any real estate professional. However, keep in mind, you'll get the best value from SetSchedule the more you use it!