Simon Crowe likens business to dating when hiring new hands

Cofounder of Custom Offroad Accessories, Simon Crowe, talks about how he hires top talents into the business as he highlights instant “personal connection” as an important factor

 (photo credit: SIMON CROWE)
(photo credit: SIMON CROWE)
Simon Crowe has literally disrupted the automotive industry in Australia and probably other parts of the world with the range of auto accessories provided to lovers of adventure. Known for creating innovative underbody bash plates to help in protecting the vehicle, Custom Offroad Accessories has become one of the most sought-after auto accessories company in Australia. With almost a decade of excellent service delivery, the company continues to wax strong, challenging the status quo in the market, a feature that can be attributed to the available human resources. In a recent interview, Simon Crowe responded to the philosophy he adopts in hiring new hands into the company.

Difficult question, as with more business I’m trying to bring in people right now, hire new staff. You really got to find someone who when they come into the job really want to be a part of your business family. Who have seen you, who know who you are and what your product is and watch your YouTube and Instagram videos and they really want to insert themselves into that business,” said Simon Crowe.

As a personal thing – you got to have a connection straight away. Same if you were dating someone. A business relationship is just as important as a relationship you have with someone at home. When hiring top talent, it basically is all about personal connection with me. It’s also about knowing that not only will this person work for me, but about knowing that we will be friends as well,” Simon continued.

One can hardly doubt the efficacy of Simon’s recruitment philosophy, considering the feats he and the team at Custom Offroad have achieved in less than ten years. Simon Crowe and Mitchell Gregory have grown the company to become a major brand in Australia and a household name with adventure lovers.

Custom Offroad Accessories offers a wide range of premium quality products across different categories, all made in Australia and designed particularly to meet the diverse needs of drivers and owners of 4-wheel drive vehicles in the country. The products offered by the company include bash plates for different vehicle models and brands, winches, electrical and recovery solutions, as well as merchandize.