Slazzer, web application to remove background from images

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Known as subject selection tools, there are a number of advanced applications and programs available on the market today, which allow you to separate a central image from its background in a visual composition. Photoshop is one of the favorites. However, it is usually heavy and cumbersome to use. Many look for simpler solutions to carry out the separation of an image. Among the many options we present to you Slazzer, the web application to remove the background from images.

Isolate the subject with Slazzer

If you don't know it yet, we'll tell you what it's all about. Slazzer is the best alternative to accurately crop an element within an image, separating it from its background. In other words, Slazzer is a background remover. We are talking about a new web application, which offers you this possibility at no cost within a certain margin.

Slazzer is available for Windows and MacOS operating systems, and is expected to be available for Linux environment soon as well. In general terms, its operation is very simple. It is practically enough to upload the image to the website, and with just one click in a few seconds you remove the background of the image.

This is not the only web application available for this purpose. Although there are other alternatives of its style that can do a similar job, what makes Slazzer exclusive and the most recommended is the quality of the result obtained. Among its advantages is the possibility of obtaining images with the highest resolution, something that undoubtedly makes it stand out.

Web or native application

With Slazzer you can choose between two options to make good use of its resources. If you need to get the job done right away and don't have time for downloads and installations, then you can turn to the website which you will access from your internet browser.

From here you can take advantage of different image editing options, such as the one that allows you to replace the original background with that of another image of your choice. Also available is the blurring option with various bluring or defocusing effects.

More advantages that Slazzer brings

Something that is worth taking advantage of with this web application is the possibility that it offers you to be able to process a maximum of up to 10 images at no cost. Although it is not entirely free, it is very beneficial that they give away this margin of work without costing you a dollar.

Other applications are more restricted, allowing you, at most, to work with a single image for free on a trial basis. If you want to continue using these applications, you will be forced to pay an extra cost, which varies depending on the services you contract. As a general rule, the greater the number of images, the greater the discount. With Slazzer you can save yourself this with a useful use of 10 images.

A limitation for some that this image processing web tool presents lies in the fact that the final product can only be downloaded in an image with a maximum resolution of 640×426 and in exclusive PNG format.

Instead, using the native application, the resolution option of the edited image is broader. From this you can download your processed images with a resolution equal to that of the original image, either in JPG format or the same as on the web, PNG.

However, here you will find a small restriction of use. The native application requires a mandatory registration on the web platform. You will get an API code to be able to start using it, which will be requested from the same app at the time of entering.

This is a promotional article and was written in cooperation with Slazzer