Specific sports betting rules that bettors have to be aware of

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Despite the fact that online casinos are growing in popularity every day, many people still prefer to bet on sports. As a result, most gambling websites that offer casino games also have fully-fledged sportsbooks. Unlike the casinos, where operators can be more innovative, there aren’t that many game-changing things that companies can invent when it comes down to bookmakers. That’s why most operators focus on providing their clients with more features and bonuses.

Speaking of the devil, there are different kinds of sports promotions that customers may have the chance to test. Despite the fact that every brand has unique sports proposals, some of them have similar conditions, which we will take a look at in this review.

Some sports bonuses do not work for every sport

Although online bookmakers offer almost every sport in existence, bettors usually focus on a couple of things. The most popular option is football, but some people also bet on eSports, tennis, basketball, and more. Since those things bring over more customers, users who visit Nostrabet and check the Bwin offers for the new and existing customers will see that most of them work only if they are used on some of the popular alternatives.

Most punters won’t have problems because they were going to bet on these sports anyway. However, clients who are interested in other options won’t be able to take advantage of the bonuses and the things they offer.

The minimum odds

Another common sports promo condition many players have to deal with is related to the minimum odds they have to bet on. Regardless of whether they use Fractional, Decimal, American, or any other available odds formats, every market offers specific odds that customers can bet on. Typically, the lower the odds, the more likely it is to predict the specific option.

In order to prevent their clients from wagering only on lower odds, some of the big names in the gambling business decided to add a minimum odds limit. That’s why punters shouldn’t be surprised when they start using the Bwin offers from Nostrabet and realize that they can’t choose every market.

Clients who don’t comply with this requirement won’t be able to complete the rollover requirements because their bet won’t qualify for it. That’s why experienced punters read the Terms and Conditions before they start playing.

The free bets usually work for specific markets

Even though there are different sports betting promotions, some online bookmakers offer free bets because they know their customers like them. That’s why sports bettors will probably have the option to pick from several types of free bets while enjoying their favorite hobby.

What’s interesting about the free bets is that players can’t use them on every market. In fact, they usually work if users place a bet on a specific market. Usually, the available option is 1x2, but some bookmakers might also include a free bet for those who choose Over/Under.

Most sports promotions can’t be used in conjunction with any other bonuses

Last but not least, one of the common conditions that clients have to comply with is that they can’t use a given sports offer alongside any other bonus. It doesn’t matter whether this offer is for the casino or the sportsbook - the fact that the customers have an active promotion means that they have to complete the specific requirements for it before they are eligible for another reward. 

Clients who don’t complete this regulation will lose their active promo, as well as any progress made towards the rollover requirements. Needless to say, most users wouldn’t want to do that.