Sport betting sites: 5 Top working tactics for winning

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

If you are tired of chasing the big win that changes your life forever in sport betting, you are not alone. Many other bettors face the same dilemma and have not achieved their desired success yet! Despite the significant volatility of sports betting, winning strategies can keep betting within reach of bettors, yet most gamblers still bleed their money. Although losses are not the best teacher, at least they teach you the importance of adopting a strategy. In this article, we will introduce you to the most prominent football betting strategies that you can use to make the most profit possible from your upcoming betting sessions.

Quite simply, a betting strategy (also called a betting system) means to place bets according to a pre-made plan with the primary objective of making a profit in the long run and decreasing losses potentials to the minimum level. For the system to succeed, it must turn the house edge into the player's favour. While it is impossible to apply a strategy to casino games, it is very feasible for sports betting as it offers players' many options to customize their bets as they want. Also, the bookmakers' house edge is significantly lower than the casinos' house edge in the long term.

  1. Exploiting price differences

Every sport betting site offers its players improved betting odds almost daily. Despite that 99% of bettors take the available odds without thinking, 1% know how to use the odds to their advantage to get excellent returns. How can you do that? Bookmakers price events in different ways, giving bettors great returns if the disparity is significant. Why does discrepancy occur? Sportsbooks depend on various techniques to identify the exact betting odds, so some seem more generous than the others in some events, especially the least rated one, which no one is interested in! For many years, the Brazilian Série A was a gold mine for savvy bettors as it is one of the least popular leagues in the world, and sportsbooks don't use scouts to cover its events. So, for instance, the markets change at a slower pace allowing players to catch the high odds.

In addition, some other bookmakers want to entice players to participate by offering enhanced winning opportunities. So, how do you take advantage of the spreading odds? You can participate in 3 or 4 different sports betting sites. For example, you could subscribe to an Italian nonaams site, a Dutch site, and two offshore sites. If there is an event and you want to bet on it, you can first compare the odds available on all the sites and then choose the most suitable destination for you and place your bet there.

  1. Apply the matched betting strategy

Quite simply, the matched bet strategy is a way of saying “it won't happen” and saying “it will” somewhere else, so you are sure to win in one place! However, you will lose the opposite bet, but this strategy aims to cover all the possibilities to guarantee a certain profit. The return will cover their past losses and give them a reasonable net profit amount. For popular markets, such as betting on the outcome of a match, this strategy will not be ideal and will not yield a good profit, but when applied to handicap or double chances bets, players will get a decent win.

  1. Try betting exchanges

The next step for sports bettors is to try out the betting exchanges. Players bet against each other in these platforms, so there is no house edge here, but a certain percentage of 2.5% to 5% will be deducted from the winners’ profits as the house profit margin. Betting trading platforms are superior to regular sports betting sites by offering higher earnings opportunities.

  1. Take advantage of bonuses and promotions

Sports betting sites offer their players bonuses and promos on almost every occasion. Right after participating at a bookmaker, you will get a generous welcome bonus, after which you can get additional bonuses for your new deposits, cashback offers and free bets. Moreover, you can get more rewards when referring a new friend to join the betting site or popular matches. However, it is important only to get rewards that give you real value. In other words, you have to read the terms and conditions thoroughly to make sure that the bonus is right for you and your betting style.

This article was written in cooperation with Jason Farrell