Suleman Raza reveals the secret to staying self-motivated amidst adversities

  (photo credit: Suleman Raza)
(photo credit: Suleman Raza)

Motivation is the fuel that powers us towards success. Without the drive to succeed, we would never achieve our goals. Unfortunately, staying focused and determined can be difficult to maintain, especially if you have to overcome obstacles while you do it. Our current moment in history has seen the global pandemic cause instability and chaos in people’s lives and force them to face unprecedented adversity. As we try to rebuild our lives amidst the new normal, self-motivation is a key factor. To gather valuable insight on how to remain motivated in these challenging times, we reached out to serial entrepreneur Suleman Raza. As a self-made success, Suleman Raza practically designed the blueprint for staying motivated. Below, he shares the secrets of how he did it.

Be prepared

Suleman Raza shares that remaining realistic and prepared for the adversities you might face on your journey helps you stay motivated and keep pressing on, no matter what life throws your way. Being prepared means researching your industry and being aware of the issues that it can pose. Suleman advises getting an inside perspective from an industry leader to learn exactly what to expect as you strive for success within your industry.

Learn from failure 

Failure can seem like the enemy of motivation, but according to Suleman Raza, it can be a highly motivating teacher. Lessons that are the hardest to learn stay with us longer, often forever, and Suleman strongly believes that this is a positive thing. Discovering how you failed and examining what went wrong can give you a clear understanding of what not to do to achieve your goals. This self-reflection and analysis then set you on an unobstructed road to success. Suleman suggests taking the time to assess the adversity you are facing and discover what it can teach you.

Become resilient 

According to Suleman Raza, every industry leader needs to motivate themselves to push past adversity, gaining resilience every single time they do it. He explains that resilience is the reward you receive when you overcome difficulties and learn to keep going. Every successful company exists because someone was resilient enough to stay motivated and keep going no matter what obstacle they faced. Suleman believes resilience is one of the most valuable traits any hopeful entrepreneur can possess.

Define your purpose

Short-term goals are important for starting the motivation, but to stay motivated, Suleman Raza believes you need to keep a close eye on the big picture. He shares that unless you have defined and detailed your ultimate goal and purpose, you will struggle to get back up when you are knocked down. Defining your overall purpose and having a well-thought-out plan gives you the power to feel inspired and motivated no matter what setbacks you face. 

Follow your passion

A nine-to-five job that utilizes your skills and abilities to make someone else money will rarely motivate you. To tap into compelling motivation, the kind that keeps you upright no matter how intense the winds of adversity are, Suleman Raza believes you have to follow your passion. He shares that if you build your success around something you are passionate about, you are more likely to remain dedicated to it when you face setbacks because you care deeply about it.

Surround yourself with motivators 

According to Suleman Raza, sometimes, the greatest motivator is other people. You are less likely to let your motivation slip away if you are surrounded by determined go-getters who stand tall in the face of adversity. These fellow motivators can provide inspiration and tips to keep you focused on your long-term goals. Suleman Raza advises taking the time to network and connect with others in your industry who have the same drive and passion as you. He explains that if you surround yourself with these people, you will always have a chorus of voices similar to yours that can drown out doubt and keep you motivated.

Adjust your mindset

Your attitude and the perception you form around certain events significantly affect what happens to you and whether these events lead to a positive outcome. Suleman Raza shares that with the right mindset, you can find the motivation to reframe setbacks and unexpected obstacles and turn them into a driving force to reach your goals. According to Suleman, the growth mindset, which views every failure as a lesson to be learned, is beneficial for keeping you motivated when you find yourself up against impossible odds.

From working in a simple butcher’s shop to becoming the founder and CEO of the Spice Village Group and the president of Grand Sapphire Hotels, Suleman Raza has benefited from the power of his self-motivation. His advice for those who want to become motivated enough to overcome any adversity is to practice self-belief. Sometimes, the strongest motivator is simply knowing that you can do it, no matter what. 

This article was written in cooperation with DN News Desk