Table talk with Mr. Joti Statovci

  (photo credit: Joti Statovci)
(photo credit: Joti Statovci)

Life may be a one-time pass then making use of its existence is a logical step to require for those that wish to create it happen to the highest. Joti Statovci from Kosova, has been following his dreams and invested his laborious work in building them by self-educating. Talking to the forex trader of the millennial we tend to ask —

What would you say about Covid-19 effects on Entrepreneurs?

"Many believed that Covid marked the end to many entrepreneurs; however, to me, this was the career-breaking point for many. Since Covid-19 has hit, many have lost their jobs and many were not able to even start a career after completing their high school studies. This is when these individuals thought of starting something of their own. It was like an invisible push to pursue their passion. Everything available online thus helped many build their passion of becoming an entrepreneur.”

What is your definition of Success?

"Success to me is 70 percent hard work and an infinity of smart work. No matter how much of a hard worker you are, if you don’t apply smart techniques to it, it is of no use. Thus, it is important to recognize your opportunities and also know how to ace them. "

What is 'The Secret of Forex'?

Secret of Forex’ is no longer a secret as I have made sure it is out there for everyone to know how things worked for many. I have wanted to build guidelines but in a way that won’t just be instructions, I shared my experience. From being someone who had nothing to someone who worked on self-education, is the truth of Forex trading. It is what one can refer to as a personalized- professional anecdote."

As an entrepreneur, how to cope up with post-pandemic effects?

"Post pandemic  effects are something that exists; however, something that is important is to acknowledge that it is okay to fall sometimes. Falling is part of learning and this only makes people stronger when aiming for the best as an entrepreneur. For if you don't fall, you would never realize what is to rise. "

Any special message for the youth?

"Just don't dream it, have plans to achieve it as well. It is never easy to succeed in life but just never think of quitting. Hard work and patience always pay off. So move on with zeal, passion and your plans of Course”