Taking advantage of opportunities and setting long-term goals

Ofer Investments, one of the leading business groups in the Israeli economy, advocates professionalism, integrity, conservatism and social contribution.

Pituach by the Sea, northwest view (photo credit: Courtesy)
Pituach by the Sea, northwest view
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Ofer Investments Group, controlled by Liora Ofer and managed by Ron Avidan, is one of the leading business groups in the Israeli economy. The Group operates in income-producing real estate, residential real estate and the hotel and banking sectors.
The company specializes in the acquisition, initiation, development and management of income-producing real estate and residential real estate, and owns hundreds of thousands of square meters for rent, including shopping and commercial centers, office buildings, industrial and high-tech parks, alongside hotels in Israel and abroad and prestigious residential projects. The group was founded in 1957 by brothers Yuli and Sami Ofer and is now managed by the second generation of the Ofer family. The founders began shipping operations under the name "Mediterranean Routes," and in the 1960s, when they owned dozens of ships, the brothers expanded their activity to the field of income-producing real estate.
Over the years the company has grown and expanded, and has built many properties and became the leading group in its field. Ofer Investments owns public companies whose shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank (jointly controlled) and Melisron (exclusively controlled), one of the largest and leading real estate companies in Israel in the field of malls, commercial centers and office parks for high-tech industries.
Apart from this, the Ofer Group has income-producing real estate - office buildings throughout the country that are leased to leading companies and government bodies, as well as residential and hotel operations.
The Group has been active in Israel for more than 50 years, seeing itself as the successor of its founders, and following the business code that guided its founding generation. Utilizing business opportunities alongside taking calculated risks and setting long-term goals have been at the core of the Group's business success over the years.
The Group's values ​​are: business leadership, transparency, stability, integrity, professionalism, conservatism, and social contribution. The Group's operations are conducted in cooperation with the various entities in the Group, with an emphasis on maximal transparency towards the public shareholders and bonds, managed by senior professionals with considerable experience, and its activities are carried out through cooperation between the various entities and the establishment of long-term goals.
The Ofer Investments Group is currently building and marketing two leading projects in Herzliya and one in Budapest: the Herzliya Hills residential project and the Herzliya "Pituach on the Sea" luxury residential project near the city's coastal strip, as well as the residential project MARINA LIFE in the 13th district of Budapest.
The Herzliya Hills project, in conjunction with the Azorim Company, is located near the Ayalon Highway on a 70-acre site and includes 600 apartments in 10 18-story buildings and four-story buildings, as well as a 10-story office tower and 30,000 square meters of office space with a commercial floor.
According to Sharon Shitrit, vice president of marketing and assets at Ofer Investments Group, "This is an exceptional project that demonstrates the most mixed-use development. We are proud that many families chose to establish their home in the project."
The prestigious Pituach on the Sea project near the coastal strip between the Dan Accadia Hotel and Herzliya Marina includes 217 luxury apartments in eight buildings of 6 to 12 stories, plots for independent construction of single-family homes, a luxury boutique hotel and a commercial center adjacent to the beach.
The MARINA LIFE project in Hungary, a residential project in the 13th district of Budapest adjacent to the marina and the Danube River, includes 412 residential apartments in nine-story buildings in a varied mix. According to Sheetrit, "The Hungarian market is on the rise, the domestic demand is strong and this is reflected in the pace of marketing.