Technologies that are about to transform your home

Israeli companies have become the best in providing smart solutions for your home, regardless of where you live.

Smart home illustrative (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
Smart home illustrative
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
We’re living fast times, when everything happens in a blink of an eye and it seems more and more easy to be supported by technology in our everyday ventures. That means technology hacks are no longer limited to jobs or leisure gadgets. Introducing science fiction smart homes, we can have a ‘living house’ easier than ever. Specialists from Hrank consider that web hosting security has single-handedly enhanced the possibilities of creating a smart home.
Israeli companies have become the best in providing smart solutions for your home, regardless of where you live. But you know, you don’t have to live in Israel to have state-of-the-art technology in your home. Anyway, let’s take a look at some cool technologies that you can incorporate in your home that will save you time and money, not even speaking of the effort.

Programmable Light Switches
You can use smart switches that can be incorporated with the ones you already have at home. They will help you control your home’s lighting with your smartphone and reduce the power consumption in your house. Given that it can basically be adapted to the switches you have and it is really easy to use — you should only need a screwdriver — it would be a great addition to a smart home.
Remote Garden Nurturing
If you live in a house, rather than an apartment, you probably have a garden. Even if it’s just the lawn in front of your home, it’s still a green space that you need to take care of. How better to take care of it than with a remote connection to your sprinklers or irrigation system? That’s right. You can now control your garden irrigations with the simple help of a remote control. This means that you can be inside, at work, or on vacation and not have to worry. All you need is a wifi connection.
Smart Water Monitoring
Millions of liters of water are being wasted every day around the globe. This means that you’re not just wasting water but you’re also spending more money than you should. Smart home meters are now a thing of the present and with them you can carefully monitor the exact amount of water that you use every day. What’s even more interesting is that such a device actually reads the temperature of the water as well and can tell you exactly how much money you’re wasting.
Even-Smarter TV
The days of watching TV in a conventional way are over. Connect everything together with smart remote controls and never have to worry about missing your favorite shows on any channel, regardless of provenance. Get yourself a fire stick and you’re set. Thanks to the variety of fire stick tricks that you can accomplish, your TV-watching days will get better.
Caring For The Elderly
We’ll all reach a point in our lives when we won’t be able to take care of ourselves. A few decades ago, this would have meant an old-age home or having a relative move in with you. Today, it means that your smart home can easily alert your relatives if something were to happen to you. Elderly people can now enjoy the comfort of their home without having to worry about accidents. Any change in behavior can now be picked up by smart sensors that alert family members.