The big-data track at Reichman university combines academics and practice

  (photo credit: OREN SHALEV)
(photo credit: OREN SHALEV)

The GMBA in Big Data at Reichman University offers students both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Students acquire knowledge and skills in data analytics and management through courses and workshops, while gaining hands-on experience through internships at companies and organizations.

The practicum is the third and final phase of the GMBA program. Under the close supervision of mentors and with the help of industry leaders, students apply the tools they have acquired throughout the program during this phase, which lasts about 6 months.

During the practicum, students lead projects related to strategic development and products, based on artificial intelligence, automation, and predictive analytics. Mentors provide individual guidance to these students as they work on their independent projects.

The projects are a springboard for entrepreneurial students, who take them from the idea stage through the product development phase all the way to the initial funding stage (seed).

Gail Gilboa Fridman, Head of Big Data Track: "Our program attracts students who are interested in spearheading the data revolution. As part of the program, we provide an exclusive combination of managerial and technological tools, including programming skills, as well as academic instruction by mentors from the industry. Students also meet and develop relationships with professionals within the fields of marketing, recruitment, and other industries."

Credit: Oren ShalevCredit: Oren Shalev

Some recent outstanding student practicum projects:

Sortomate - When AI Meets Ecology

This venture of Maoz Kain involved creating an automatic municipal waste sorting system based on artificial intelligence. A machine that can be installed in waste rooms of high-rise buildings can sort up to a ton of mixed trash via a mechanical arm, using machine vision and AI algorithms that determine the type of trash. SortoMate can save municipalities up to 50% of their waste management costs.

Workout.Home - Online Yoga Meets AI 

Team members: Eyal Avdor, Shiran Deutch, Asaf Cohen, and Nimrod Bahar

Workout.Home is a yoga marketplace online that connects trainers with trainees. By providing the trainee with multi-angle views of the trainer, as well as personalized AI insights, we help you find the perfect yoga experience online. 

Harnessing Technology to Help the Deaf

Team members: Ilan Wintet, Or Dadush, Moti Hai, Doron Bargil

Sign.AL is an accessible platform that anyone can use to learn sign language from the comfort of their home, at their own pace. Thus, the user’s specific needs and level can be met with this learning method. Sign.AL videos and lectures are customized in accordance with the student's progress, since effective learning cannot be a one-way process. Students can practice what they have learned and check their progress in real time.

Sign.AL works through an AI computer vision system that recognizes user signs and relays immediate feedback using any device's camera. Its mission is to provide affordable and accessible sign language classes and contribute to a more inclusive society.

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