The Hess-7 complex: Your doorstep to Jerusalem bliss

  (photo credit: Adi3d)
(photo credit: Adi3d)

 When buying any property - especially in Israel - there are two key factors you look for: location and reputation.  Well, as that’s the case, the stunning Hess-7 project in Jerusalem's quaint Talbiya neighbourhood and Oren Cohen, known for high-end marketing and brokerage and founder and owner of "Oren Cohen Prime Real Estate" , is the perfect combination you are looking for. 

NOW is the time to invest in property in post-COVID Israel, as the demand for residential apartments in the country is only increasing. Apart from the natural growth rate of the population in Israel, there is a further increase in demand due to a low interest rate environment.  

The upward trend in demand began as early as 2008, with the outbreak of the global crisis. During the crisis, the shekel experienced a sharp appreciation against the basket of currencies, which led the central bank to sharply lower the Bank of Israel's interest rate. If in September 2008 the interest rate was 4.25%, in March 2009 it was already only 0.5%.  

The low interest rates plus the limited land available for construction, bureaucracy and constant demographic growth signal that the relatively high price level will remain with us for a long time to come.

In the high-demand areas in central and older Jerusalem, supply of properties is limited at present and obtaining building permits for future projects is not easy - consequently, prices are rising consistently. 

  (credit: AVI BEN OHAMO) (credit: AVI BEN OHAMO)

Oren Cohen is a leading and highly respected realtor, who for almost 30 years has provided an outstanding service to Israeli and Jewish communities equally.

Since 1998, Cohen was CEO and owner of the property company, Century 21, and in 2020, Oren went alone and established the Oren Cohen Prime Real Estate office, dealing with pre-sale (new projects) in Jerusalem, and high-end properties with quality clientele from around the globe – the US, UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa and South America.  

With thirty years of experience in Jerusalem real estate, Oren is your ideal go-to-person if you want to buy your dream property in the heart of the Jewish Homeland -  Jerusalem.  

Cohen told the Jerusalem Post, “I stand for integrity. My best form of marking is word-of-mouth. Satisfied clients know the value and quality of service they will enjoy when they work with me - naturally, they tell their friends and spread the good word - my clientele are my best promoters."

Furthermore, Cohen believes, “Business is all about people. We make sure to know our clientele – what they are looking for, what suits them and most importantly, what they need. 

We also provide an outstanding after-sale service and we are dedicated to our clients all the way to the Chanukat Habayit (Jewish ceremony to inaugurate a new home) and long after. Our customers become our best friends and become ambassadors.”  

Cohen says that - due to his reputation - they were even busier during COVID pandemic, as potential customers trusted him and know who they are dealing with. "During COVID, we used our attractive marketing materials, Zoom presentations and videos to give potential purchasers a real-as-possible tour." Actually, during COVID, Cohen says, "we made sales of apartments, houses and units in upcoming new luxury projects in demanded areas. "  

“My office which is currently being refurbished, on Keren Kayemet St. in Rehavia is not just my business center, but also where clients and passers-by feel at home. I even have a weekly shiur for locals (Torah class). I feel so privileged to be providing homes for Jews from all over the world, in Israel. Jews don’t pray towards New York, Paris or London, but towards Jerusalem.”   

One of the latest properties Cohen is selling are apartments is in the Hess-7 complex, on the prestigious and quiet, one-way Hess Street. 

Firstly, Cohen says, “the location is perfect. Just 3 minutes from Mamilla Mall and the hotels along King David, 20 minutes from the kotel, 10 minutes from Rehavia, 5 minutes from the city centre and 10 minutes from the German Colony. Moreover, the land is private land and not church land. Thus, buying property in Hess-7 makes a very sensible future investment.  

 "The basic structure of the building has already been completed. The design of the apartments has been carefully planned, including air conditioning, underfloor heating and high quality, fully-fitted kitchens. The properties have high-end interior design, in line with the high-class area."

“The short-term and long-term lease in the area, and the small number of new and available residential projects on private land in the area affect the sale prices.  In Israel, natural demographic growth is among the highest among developed countries, even without the immigration of Diaspora Jews. By 2048, when the country is 100 years old, the population is expected to double and the country will have to provide housing solutions and in a short time rebuild what we have built here in the last seventy years,” says Cohen.  

The Hess-7 complex, is a new, luxury complex located between the world-famous Waldorf Astoria and the King David hotels. The project deep in the heart of the picturesque Talbiya neighbourhood, offers two-bedroom units, as well as 2 luxurious penthouses units with large sukkot terraces facing open views- perfect for a vacation or permanent residence. 

The apartments for sale are perfect for religious people. With over 15 shuls in less than a 5-minute walk – including for both Sephardim and Ashkenazim - and so close to the Great Synagogue and Rehavia's Netzach and Kahal Chassidim shuls. You will be assured of being on the doorstep to Jerusalem’s religious and cultural centre.  

With COVID a thing of the past and Israel's tourism and international travel opening up again now is the time to invest in Jerusalem real estate- Oren's office is dealing with the most attractive projects in Jerusalem top neighbourhoods, and off market prime properties, Penthouses and private homes . 

The tranquil Hess Street is a perfect place to establish your dream home - in Israel's capital city - that Jews have dreamt of returning to for thousands of years.

For more details, contact: The Hess-7 complex

This article was written in cooperation with The Hess-7 complex