The importance of topic selection in writing academic papers

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
From studying for a master's degree, a doctorate, to being a researcher, few people have really studied how to write an academic thesis. During the period of study, tutors generally give students professional knowledge and methods of obtaining professional knowledge, and I will not teach students how to write a good dissertation. After engaging in research, most people are busy writing dissertations and eager to publish dissertations, without considering the method of writing a dissertation.

The success of the topic is the prerequisite for the success of the research. There is a saying that philosophy and social sciences are not like natural sciences. There is no such thing as success or failure. As long as they are willing to do it, they will eventually succeed. This is a fallacy. Without a good topic, even tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands or millions of words will be useless nonsense. This cannot be considered a successful study. Successful research must be based on successful topic selection. So, what is a successful topic? In short, you need to be problem-conscious when choosing a topic. It is very important especially if you work on essay writing service.

What is problem awareness?
The first refers to the research goal. A successful topic selection should reveal the goal orientation of the research, that is, what kind of goals the research should achieve. The research's goal orientation reflects whether the research is valuable and worthwhile. Therefore, from the point of view of the topic, we can know the status of the problem research and the possible development trend. If the topic selection does not reveal the goal orientation of the research, but only states a fact, it means that the research is not worth researching, or that the predecessors have done a more detailed research, and in the current situation there is no further possibility. This topic should not be chosen.
The second refers to the specific scope of the study. Successful topics should be specific in scope, not large and comprehensive. That is to say, the topic selection cannot be too large, and an excessively large topic will prevent the research from going deep, just like a dragonfly. On the other hand, if the topic is too small, the research will be too addicted to trivial details, which will make the research lose its value and taste.
In particular, some details are not representative and cannot truly reflect the development trend of things, but because the researcher's vision is too small, it is impossible to discover the basic laws of things development from the details. Especially those who do research on historical materials often have such problems.
The third is to question an academic issue, or to argue with it. Academic research is endless, and truth is endless. Many academic opinions were right or truth at the time, but time and conditions changed, so their truthfulness also changed. Therefore, the topic must be dare to question, but the question must be justified and not just doubt. On the basis of reasonable doubt, such a topic must be valuable.
In short, the topic selection is very skillful. The topic selection is actually the first thought blowout after accumulation. Without accumulation, the topic selection cannot be performed. Good topic selection can make the research more effective, and good topic selection is the prerequisite for the success of the thesis.