The increase in demand for luxury housing in Sharon

  (photo credit: freepik)
(photo credit: freepik)

It's no secret that Israel's real estate prices have been climbing over the last 15 years, with more and more individuals trying to claim their spot on this very exclusive ladder. 

"This is a nationwide occurrence. But, from the data, we can see that there's an evident desire to live in certain upscale cities and neighborhoods. This is why luxury housing in Sharon is such a hot commodity and only continues to rise in popularity" saying Tuval Malca, owner of Y.T.M, Luxury real estate brokerage.

In 2021 alone, we saw a significant rise (a whopping 9%) in demand for luxury apartments compared to the year prior. Ordinarily, you could expect to pay anything from 10 million shekels and upwards for any such real estate transaction. Yet, in Sharon, we saw transactions worth 22.8 million or more!

What caused the price surge in Sharon?

When we consider what was happening on a global scale in that year (you know, the pandemic that changed the course of history for us all), millions of people transitioned to working from home, which means that their desires and wishlists of features for their homes ultimately evolve. But, there's more to the picture than that at play here. Unlike many other places in the world at this time, the people of Israel still had (and continue to have) money to spend and invest in their (now) hybrid living and working spaces.

Israel is a hub for high-tech industries, and numerous start-ups are born here every year. The number of start-ups that either made an "exit" or took their start-up to public trade in 2021 equated to a record-making year worth 82.4 billion dollars. This was more than five times the amount that occurred in 2020. 

That means these individuals working for these companies are more likely to get a pay increase or additional financial aid to support their new working-from-home lifestyle. And, let's keep in mind that even before the effects of the pandemic started rippling through the world, the individuals working for these companies were already in high-paying industries and positions. 

What does luxury look like in Sharon?

There are many avenues of luxury housing available in Sharon; private homes, exquisite apartments, and magazine-worthy penthouses. Most hit the highest home quality rating in the country (8 or above). The entire area of Sharon simply exudes luxury at every turn. So, if you want to "be your best self" every single day and truly live that life- Sharon could be the place for you. 

Luxury apartment living means:

  • A safe and pleasant neighborhood
  • Upscale amenities such as gyms, pools, concierges, and more
  • Top quality fittings 
  • Large rooms, spacious and luxury design
  • Smart home features
  • Hybrid living and working spaces in your home

If any of those items are on your home wish list, we urge you to check out our available Sharon listings now. Sharon truly is an outstanding place to live with well-developed transport systems and all the features of big city living; theatres, shopping, and restaurants. In addition, its central location means all you need is highly accessible. With Tel-Aviv right next to you, traveling for work or pleasure becomes that much easier! 

Our homes have become such a big part of our lives, with most people spending more time in their homes than ever before. We understand you want it all; space for the kids, adequate space to work, access to city pleasures, and a large kitchen and dining area to bring your loved ones together. 

The rising demand in Israel real estate market, also impacts the Sharon area which offers many opportunities to invest in highly desirable properties. We truly recommend you to check on this area

This article was written in cooperation with Y.T.M, Luxury real estate brokerage