The modern day entrepreneurial journey with Mark Evans DM

  (photo credit: Mark Evans)
(photo credit: Mark Evans)

The entrepreneurial environment is something that is constantly evolving. The entrepreneur from 20 years ago is much different from that of today. Remaining adaptive and anticipating future challenges are especially important in today’s world. There are currently 528 entrepreneurs in the world, according to Oberlo, so it is vital to stand out amongst the crowd. Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life these days, and they are getting more creative and diversifying their portfolios more than ever before. This is exactly what Mark Evans DM is doing, working in multiple industries in order to stand out amongst the competition.

This 43-year-old from Columbus, Ohio says he became an entrepreneur before it was considered the “cool” thing to do.”I’ve never had a W-2 job in my entire adult life,” said Evans. He is a ten-time best-selling author, owner of several multi-million dollar companies, real estate magnate and angel investor for many partners. 

After purchasing his very first business at just 18 years old, he has been on the entrepreneurial journey ever since and he has always worked hard no matter the field he may be in. By the age of 30, Evans was flipping more than 60 homes per month. By age 40, he was heavily involved in more than 30 businesses with many cash flow streams. He has made a name for himself as “The Deal Maker,” aka what “DM” at the end of his name stands for. 

On a day-to-day basis, Evans is very regimented yet family-oriented. With a 4:44 a.m. wake-up each day, he then exercises, has breakfast with his family, then he heads upstairs to work. Evans has lunch with his family, heads back to work for the afternoon, then spends the evening with his family before bed at 9:00 p.m.

As for his motivation in life and business, Evans said that he grew up poor and never wanted to work for anyone. He was raised living in a trailer park just outside of Columbus, Ohio with his parents and two sisters. Money was a constant struggle and the root of many of his family’s stresses. “I knew making money would give me options,” he said. Now, he is thankful he is able to change peoples’ lives, as well as his own. He has worked with tens of thousands of clients, with more than 26 years of experience and several events, books, and podcasts under his belt. With more than 672,000 Instagram followers and nearly 20,000 Facebook followers, Evans has accumulated a strong base of loyal followers who enjoy his inspiring posts and helpful advice.

Evans says that his grit is what has helped him get this far in life, but not everything is about a profit. “Not everyone wants to turn passion into profits as it would become work then for most not passion,” said Evans. “I’m passionate about people, not necessarily about sending an email.” 

Evans has traveled the world, which has given him a unique perspective on life and ignited his passion for giving back to others. He has given away homes to those less fortunate than him, built an entire village in Haiti, and gives his time and resources to those who need it most.

His advice for others is to simply “do it.” He says that life is as simple as that, it is about making a decision and executing. His daily motivators are death, his family and his purpose to serve others. He has residences near Cleveland, Ohio and Parkland, Florida with his wife Deena and two children, Mark and Dria. To follow along Evansjourney, visit his social media pages: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This article was written in cooperation with Thomas Herd