The new face of facelifts

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Cosmetic treatments have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of major surgeries with long recovery times. Facelifts, for example, have been greatly improved. Today, the procedure is combined with special materials that help preserve the treatment. 

A new variation of the facelift has conquered Hollywood celebrities and is taking the world by storm – the mini facelift. It is a cosmetic procedure with one of the highest satisfaction rates. It's a lighter version of the facelift, whereby patients look and feel younger with minimal pain and recovery time.

Dr. Avry Raveh, an accomplished Israeli plastic surgeon, explains. "A mini facelift is a different version of the traditional facelift. It is a much less invasive variation of full facelift surgery. With age, the face loses its natural, youthful appearance. The skin loses its elasticity, and it stretches and droops. A mini facelift is a surgical procedure that treats loose skin and signs of aging in the face and jaw. It is a gentler surgical technique that helps treat the jaw lines and sagging cheeks. It is a relatively quick procedure that requires less recovery time than a full facelift. A series of incisions along the hairline correct the appearance of the sagging skin that is usually found around the neck and jawline."

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What is the secret of its success?

Raveh says, "The secret to perfect results of the mini facelift depends on the degree of stretching. My expertise as a surgeon is to find the right balance. I stretch the tissue that is under the skin, and I place the skin gently to attain a natural result."

The mini facelift has become very popular with people in their 40s. But the procedure is suitable for anyone who is suitable in terms of the deterioration of the lower third of the face. The final result of the mini lift will be seen after a few months. The results should not be judged for at least six months after the operation. 

No one can stop time, so even a day after the operation, the aging process of the skin and fat cells is taking place. After a few years, the treatment can be repeated to improve the traction. If necessary, additional procedures can be done to maintain the overall effect.

A natural, youthful appearance

A mini facelift allows for a much more natural result than would be expected with a full-stretch surgery. The recovery time is much shorter, and the result preserves one’s youthful appearance. 

Another advantage of the mini facelift is the gentle effect it has on the lower part of the face because no amount of fillers, injections or sculpting can treat the natural sagging that occurs.

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Preserving that natural look

To preserve the natural appearance that results from a mini facelift, the Sculptra treatment was developed. It is designed to firm the skin and keep it vital looking. 

"Sculptra is the development of a material that is used as a new bio-stimulator,” says Raveh. “Sculptra, which contains micro-particles of polylactic acid, is currently among the most prominent innovations. It greatly encourages the production of collagen fibers in the skin and thus improves the appearance and quality of the skin. The procedure is done through a controlled inflammatory process that occurs in the skin. The results provide a natural and gradual restoration of the face, alongside the return of the volume that was lost." 

How does it work? 

Sculptra stimulates a biological process in the body to produce collagen in the form of networks. Two to four treatments are required, and it takes a few weeks to attain the optimal effect. The end result is firmer, tighter skin. 

Raveh says, "At our clinics in Kikar Hamedina in Tel Aviv, Dr. Dan Zeituni, who deals in aesthetic medicine, administers injection treatments, including complementary treatments for the maintenance and preservation of the surgical procedures provided at the clinic. 

“In preservation processes of this type, Zeituni makes injections in the area of the sides of the face and neck. The wonderful thing about this substance is that it causes the production and renewal of collagen. The creation of such an endogenous substance that belongs to the body itself breaks down more slowly, thus the effects last longer,” he explains. 

"This procedure is ideal particularly for women who have undergone facelift surgery in order to maintain the results of the surgery or for skin that has many wrinkles. This is a complementary treatment that preserves the results of the mini facelift. Besides maximizing mini facelift surgeries, Sculptra is an example of a material that is relevant to anyone who wants to improve their skin's macroelasticity," concludes Raveh.

For more information: Dr. Avry Raveh

This article was written in cooperation with Dr. Avry Raveh