The NFT scene is surging, and a new project, “Rowdy Rabbis”, may be at the forefront

  (photo credit: Rowdy Rabbis)
(photo credit: Rowdy Rabbis)

The NFT scene continues to thrive this year, with many predicting the gains to be bigger than most altcoin projects. This leaves many people questioning what the next big NFT is, and a new project launching on the Solana Network, “Rowdy Rabbis”, is here to answer that question.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “NFT” (Non fungible token), we can briefly describe it as a unique identifier that can allocate  and prove ownership of digital assets including, but not limited to, artwork and music. 

With Bitcoin recently breaking an all time high of $67,000, it's clear to see from historic data that there is an altcoin and NFT surge around the corner. However with NFTs surging all year, many believe that the end of 2021 will break all-time records for NFT trade volume. A project that has caught the attention of many investors is “Rowdy Rabbis”. The project is built on the Solana Network. Given Solana’s growth over this last year, it's a top-choice ecosystem for investors to transition their assets into the Digital World, which will continue to greatly appreciate in value. The team has established a strong whitepaper and roadmap, with visionary goals they have promised to execute. 

The Rabbis are portrayed in multiple styles according to their emotions, properties, traits and accessories, with one making a peace sign and another rocking out. They are also displayed with a yamaka (headwear), Tallit (neck scarf) and a well-defined beard.  With a presale of only 1,800 unique Rowdy Rabbi NFTs and a Public sale of an additional 8,200, the demand for these cheerful art collections continues to rise as the community approaches minting. 

  (credit: Rowdy Rabbis) (credit: Rowdy Rabbis)

Beyond the roadmap, the team has made sure to incorporate a strong charitable donation. According to Phase One, the developers state that a portion of the mint will go towards the planting of Citrus Trees in Israel . Proceeds from each mint will go towards the planting of a real citrus tree in sacred Israeli soil, which represents resurrection and eternal life. Along with this a large donation will also be made towards JDC (Jewish Joint Distribution Centre), which is the leading global Jewish humanitarian organisation and aims to better lives and communities in over 70 countries. For over 100 years, JDC has been essential for the survival of millions of people across the globe, as well as responsible for the advancement of Jewish life. The Developer team at Rowdy Rabbis stated “JDC would be beneficial for all, as we want to positively impact not just those who purchased our NFT, but those who are also in crisis. ” Furthermore, holders of the NFT will be given a chance to win prizes through community exclusive Bar Mitzvahs. Holders will also be entitled to exclusive Rowdy Rabbi chains. 

The developers have also announced the soon-to-be release of Israel token stating that “Holders will be able to stake their Rabbis in return for Matzah, Matzah Balls and Matzah soup, yielding 1.5%, 2.7% and 5-8% respectively.”  

Whether you’re new to the NFT scene or a day one veteran, it's clear that the team behind Rowdy Rabbis has established a project that will be quick to take over the Solana platform, metaverse and NFT world as we know it. With a strong charitable initiative, generous rewards and never before seen utilities, this definitely won’t be the last you hear of these Rambunctious, Rich and Rowdy Rabbis.

This article was written in cooperation with Rowdy Rabbis