The personalization of telehealth

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Telehealth, or the use of technology to provide healthcare services, has become more popular in recent years. This is especially good news for people who have a hard time getting to a doctor's office, such as those living in rural areas or who can't afford to take the time off from work. Telehealth allows these people to get the care they need without leaving their homes.

BlueJeans Telehealth is a HIPAA-ready, purpose-built telehealth solution that launched last year. It simplifies the virtual join and televisit experience and offers greater access to care, provides more flexibility for providers and patients, improves safety, and extends the reach of services available.

Since then, customers have been telling us that they want an easy way to use the features and functionality that BlueJeans Telehealth provides from within their own website or app. However, they don't want to build out the full televisit experience themselves. 

With minimal development effort, we’re pleased to announce that organizations can embed the fully functional BlueJeans Telehealth WebRTC experience within another webpage or native app. By opening up the BlueJeans SDK for low-code development, BlueJeans is further simplifying and enhancing the patient/provider experience with an embeddable, customizable telehealth solution that doesn’t require patients to switch between interfaces.

Web-Embed SDK

By enabling the ability to launch a BlueJeans Telehealth experience from within a customer’s own website or application, we are making it easier for patients, providers, and administrators to provide care that is personalized for each person. This will help to shape the future of healthcare.

Using the BlueJeans SDK, embedding BlueJeans Telehealth is as simple as taking the WebRTC Browser or Mobile WebRTC Mobile Browser experience and dropping it into another website or app. 

Developers will have the following customizations available: 

Telehealth Patient Landing Configurations

  • Customize Welcome Message and Customize Waiting Message 
  • Add provider name, Add provider title, and Add provider image 
  • Add Logo (full color and white) 
  • Skip Check-In Screen Screen
  • Hide televisit link
  • Add articles or videos

IT administrators can embed a fully-featured client with just a few lines of JavaScript if no customization or additional configuration is required. The BlueJeans Telehealth embed SDK provides a fully functional user interface, virtually identical to the normal BlueJeans WebRTC/Mobile WebRTC experience, with no additional coding required.

Developers can access additional configurations that aren't specific to telehealth, but which can provide a more personalized televisit experience. These include video state and layout options, chat and app panel accessibility, and meeting control options.

The Power of Connected Health

Telehealth has some clear benefits, but it has not become mainstream yet because ease of use and connectivity are still big challenges. BlueJeans is committed to making telehealth more accessible.

The future of healthcare will be a combination of digital and physical. This is because there are not enough doctors or hospitals to go around. Healthcare infrastructure that is virtual, with a secure platform, will allow hospitals to offer care online by default and offer physical care when it is needed.

BlueJeans and Verizon have the necessary software, network, and devices to help address the digital divide.

If you would like to learn more about how to use the BlueJeans Telehealth WebRTC experience, please contact us.

This article was written in cooperation with BlueJeans by Verizon