The Power of Partnership– C & A Investments 

 Chaya Rosenzweig and Adele Fastag  (photo credit: EITAN TAL)
Chaya Rosenzweig and Adele Fastag
(photo credit: EITAN TAL)

The youthful duo of Chaya Rosenzweig, 27, and Adele Fastag, 28, is making waves in the real estate world. Rosenzweig and Fastag head C&A Investments, a real estate investment company headquartered in Lakewood, New Jersey, that specializes in finding properties below market price, and improving the properties to maximize their value, thus providing investors with high returns. The C & A Investments with Raven Capital Group team is comprised of close to 100 employees, with the company’s main office in Lakewood and smaller regional offices in Texas and Tennessee. 

Chaya Rosenzweig was born in Bnei Brak and moved to the United States eight years ago with her husband, who is an American citizen. She began working in real estate, received a license as a real estate agent, developed her skills, and then entered the real estate investment field. After meeting Jerusalem-born Adele, who had also moved to the US with her husband and had similar interests and skills in real estate, the two formed a partnership. Since then, the company has thrived. “It’s the power of partnership,” says Adele. The team is self-taught and successful. “We learned from life, we learned from the field, and we learned from hard work,” says Adele. 

C & A Investments currently concentrates its efforts on multi-family residential properties in Texas and Tennessee. “We have partnered with Raven who have been in the business for fifteen years or more,” explains Chaya. “We buy 150 units and up at a time, and we hold them and rent them out, and we refinance them after two or three years.”

Texas is a state that is experiencing rapid growth, says Chaya, with its low taxes and a large number of major companies, including Tesla, Microsoft, and Amazon, among others, who have established offices there. C & A focuses its attention primarily on large cities in the state, such as Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. 

In addition to the several thousand  multi-family units that the firm owns in Texas, it manages an additional large amount of units in Tennessee and also manages single units in New Jersey. 

C & A Investments has its own management company, which deals with the maintenance and upkeep of all its properties. “It is in our own best interest to do the very best work managing our properties, says Chaya. “In this way, we can make the buildings more profitable.” Chaya and Adele personally invest in every real estate deal that they arrange. “We have the same interests as the investors,” Chaya points out. “It is a win-win situation.”

In 2020, C & A Investments experienced a great deal of success with its properties. Though the pandemic slowed things down at the outset, the company quickly recovered and resumed its pace of activities. “We decided to move forward and keep buying even after Covid started,” says Chaya. “We were able to make good deals because other people were scared.”

Investors in C & A, says Chaya, come from different parts of the world – from Europe, the United States, and Israel. “We have Israeli investors because people know us there,” says Adele. “It is important for my people and my country to have successful investment opportunities. Israel is in our heart, and we are happy to help Israelis,” she adds. 

In the coming year of 2022, Rosenzweig and Fastag hope to maintain their rapid pace of acquisitions. “We want more opportunities to gain more investors, and expand to additional states, and provide more value to our investors. We get satisfaction in providing value,” says Chaya. “Our goal is to give each and every potential investor their guaranteed financial freedom.” Investors appreciate Chaya and Adele’s work ethic. “They like Israelis because we hustle in a good way, which is refreshing,” says Adele. 

As Chaya Rosenzweig and Adele Fastag continue their work in the coming year, they maintain a goal of hiring and helping more women, particularly in the Haredi world, find their place in the business world. “It is uncommon,” says Adele, “to have two women running a real estate company, so we support each other. As observant Jews, we need the support of each other, and it is a bit challenging, but when people get to know us, they respect us and even admire us.” 

This article is taken from The Jerusalem Post Annual Executive Magazine 2021-2022. To read the entire magazine, click here.

This article was written in cooperation with C & A Investments