The Psychology Behind Receiving a Motivational Challenge Coin

Motivational challenge coins or honor coins have been in existence for thousands of years.

Motivational challenge coins or honor coins have been in existence for thousands of years. They were first used by the Roman army to pay soldiers for demonstrating courage and commitment to the cause. Superior officers would commission coins that represented the colors, tattoos, mottos, and emblems of their unit. Gradually, motivational challenge coins became more and more popular and were eventually adopted by other sectors other than the military. While they were not referred to by these terms, the concept behind them remains the same. Fundamentally, motivation challenge coins are used to inspire confidence and acknowledge people for a job well done. But apart from motivating employees, this could also be a great way of advertising your services to other clients. Notably, challenge coins do not always have to be used in formal situations as essentially they represent unity and help build close-knit, lasting bonds between people who receive them.
The psychology behind
motivation challenge coins is simple: people love being rewarded, and there is no better way to do so, but by using a motivation coin with a personalized insignia on it. This goes in line with the incentive’s theory. Generally, this theory proposes that people are driven by a desire for incentives and reinforcement. Consequently, people are likely to behave in a way that they believe will earn them a reward. For instance, being on time, having a strong work ethic, and being dedicated and ambitious are all hallmarks of a good employee. But to maintain this kind of behavior and encourage even better performance, people need to be motivated. New hires will often start strong in an effort to prove their value, but they are likely to tire without enough motivation. This also holds true for long-term employees who have worked towards the company’s mission all through without feeling adequately rewarded.  One can keep others motivated by the promise of earning a custom motivation coin if they achieve a particular milestone.

Aside from motivation, challenge coins can also serve as a promotional gift platform. This is because they engage people or allows them to acquire a level of commitment towards a particular thing. For a brand, motivational engagement coins may allow them to develop a connection to the brand and everything that it stands for. In this case, people do not buy a buy a product for the sake of it but rather because they are emotionally connected to it. Studies suggest that people appreciate better gifts that hold substance. Gift cards, ornaments, and other simple things may still provide motivation. However, you do not want to seem insincere or dishonest when offering a gift. You need something simple and meaningful that not only demonstrates gratitude but also invokes a feeling of appreciation and social gratitude. A personalized motivation challenge coin is a thoughtful gift that has a greater impact on demonstrating real gratitude. These coins embody a message of appreciation and can be kept as a reminder of one’s value to the team and impact to the organization.

            In sum, motivation coins are exactly the sort of gifts that people want to earn. Help the people in your lives set goals and objectives with the help of a motivation challenge coin. People value recognition and motivation challenge coins allow them to do so as it is something they receive and can easily show off to their friends and co-workers. Fundamentally, there is no other way for people to accomplish a goal but by working hard and getting dedicated to their goals and missions. Motivation challenge coins, as the name suggest, encourage desired behaviors and allow people to reach their desired goals.